Can An Xbox One Controller Work On Xbox 360?

Do you like to play your games on Xbox One? Do you wonder if an Xbox One controller can work on Xbox 360? Are you looking for the answers? If yes, then we have got your back. 

You can increase your gaming passion like never before after reading this article. Let’s take you on a quick ride of this article so that you can know what lies ahead. Stay with us till the end, and you will have guaranteed fun. 

Can An Xbox One Controller Work On Xbox 360?

There is not so welcoming news for the gamers that the controller of Xbox One is not compatible with the Xbox 360. This is due to the change in peripherals of Xbox One and Xbox 360. On the other hand, you can use the controller of Xbox One with Xbox One X. 

Do not lose your hope here. There is always a bright side to everything. We can teach you to connect another controller with Xbox 360 so that nothing can stop you from your gaming passion. Just follow these steps to connect the controller with Xbox 360.

Step 1- Plug in the USB

First, clean the USB wire and search for an available spot for USB to the Xbox 360. Plug it well and tightly. If you do not plug in the USB carefully, the wire will get loose, and you can lose control, which will most likely lead you towards defeat in the game.

Step 2- Press the Xbox Guide button.

If you look at the controller, you can see the Xbox Guide button. Press and hold the guide button for a few seconds and wait for it to flash. 

Step 3- Check the LED channel indicators.

You need to confirm that one of the four channels of LED will become solid after you have connected the controller. 

Step 4- Check the Connected Channel

You must follow the LED indicator to check and indicate the connected channel. This indicator is in front of the controller and will tell you about the connected channel. 

Step 5- Reconnect if it gets Disconnected.

The inline release cable of the controller can get disconnected at times. This is not something to worry about. If you face this issue, reconnect the cable like the steps mentioned earlier. Otherwise, you will lose connection again.

Can You Connect A Wireless Controller With Xbox 360?

Yes, you can connect the wireless and wired controller with Xbox 360. Connecting the wireless controller to Xbox 360 is the most accessible and straightforward process. You can see for yourself in the given steps. Let’s get started.

Step 1- Turn On the Xbox 360

First, you need to turn on your Xbox 360 and set it to connect. 

Step 2- Turn on the Controller

Now that you have set up your Xbox 360, it’s time to turn on the controller. You can see a big Guide button at the controller’s center. Press and hold this button for a couple of seconds. The light of the guide button will flash and indicates that it is now turned on.

Step 3- Press the wireless connect button.

If you see at the front of your console, you will find the wireless connect button of Xbox 360. The power button of the console is surrounded by the light ring. This light ring will rotate and flash when you turn it on. If the light does not flash, wait patiently for a few seconds and then press and hold the wireless connect button again.

Step 5- Press the Sync Button

See the Sync Button on the controller and press it while the lights are still rotating and flashing around the power button. The Sync Button is located at the backside of the gamepad, right next to the wires connection. Once the syncing is completed, the guide button will flash. 

Step 6- Finish the Synchronization

You need to wait for a few seconds to let the synchronization process complete. Wait for the LEDs to stop flashing around the Guide button on the controller. One LED will continue to flash.


What to do if my Xbox controller is only blinking and not connecting?

If you face the issue where your controller is not connecting with the Xbox, then it means the controller needs to be paired with a console. It also happens when you pair the controller to a different system. 

How do I know which is the pair button on the Xbox controller?

 You can find the pair button around the corner beside the disc tray using the original Xbox One. The pair button that you see is a circular button on the side. You need to press and hold that pair button for good 20 seconds. The Xbox button on the controller will flash a couple of times to indicate that the controller is paired. 

Where to find the sync Button on Xbox 360 console?

If you check the front of the Xbox 360 below the disc drive, you can see the Sync Button lying there. 

Winding Up

Gamers always search for new ideas and suggestions for their Xbox, PC, PS4, or other gaming devices. Gamers also want to know if an Xbox one controller can work on Xbox 360. The answer is no, the Xbox One is different from the Xbox 360, that’s why the controller of Xbox One will not work for the Xbox 360. However, you can use the Xbox one controller with Xbox X and other latest Xbox versions. 

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