Can I Cancel My Care Com Account?

The rapid changes in the digital world have made it possible to acquire many services with ease. is an online platform that has made it easy for caregivers and those searching for such services to meet easily. Users can access this platform’s services, including child care, special needs, and senior care. When you decide to access more features like viewing people’s profiles, you must subscribe to the premium account. If you are looking for a way of canceling your subscription, continue reading this guide. This article includes a detailed guide on – Can I Cancel My Care Com Account?

Can I Cancel My Care Com Account

Steps on Cancelling My Care Com Account has made it easy for users to cancel a premium subscription when they don’t want to continue paying. Instead of deleting your account entirely, you can cancel your subscription, giving you a basic account that is not paid for and with limited features. 

1. Cancel Account on a Computer users can cancel their account subscription using a computer, especially if they purchased their membership through the website.

In such a case, you must visit the Premium Benefits page, then cancel your account using the steps indicated below:

  1. Use your credentials to log into your account. 
  2. Click on the drop-down menu on the Me option. 
  3. Choose My Premium from the menu.
  4. Tap on Manage membership.
  5. Click the Cancel subscription option. 
  6. Tap on the Continue to Cancel option.
  7. Confirm the cancellation after you cancel the survey.

2. Cancel your Account Through the iOS App

Another method to cancel a account is through the iOS app. This method is suitable if you purchased your membership through the iOS app. 

  1. Launch the App store and click on your profile. 
  2. Click the Subscriptions option.
  3. Choose the subscription. 
  4. Click the Cancel subscription option.
  5. Confirm you want to cancel your account.

FAQs On Cancelling My Care Com Account

Is it Possible to Cancel My Account?

Yes. has made it easy for users to cancel their account subscriptions. You can achieve that in two ways when you want to cancel your subscription. The first method of canceling your account subscription is using a computer to access the platform’s website. The other way to cancel your account subscription is using the iOS app if you subscribed for the membership through the iOS app.

What Happens Once I Cancel My Care.Com Account?

Once you cancel the account subscription, you will become a basic member. When you are a basic member, you are allowed to access only limited features. Your plan will change, and immediately, most features will get disabled. But if your subscription is not yet depleted, you will access the premium feature until it ends.

What Happens If I Close My Care.Com Account?

Closing a account is different from canceling. When you close the account, you have no intentions of using the platform in the future. You completely lose access to the platform, which means you must create an account, like the first time, if the need to use it arises in the future.

What Kind of Services Can I Get at Care.Com? is a platform that ensures people can quickly get access to care services. If you are looking for child care or senior care services, this platform is the best because you will access all kinds of services. Moreover, you can choose if you want caregivers that have experience.

Why Can’t I Cancel My Care.Com Subscription?

It is possible to have trouble when canceling your account subscription. If you were trying to cancel your account via email, it might fail to work because the current methods allowed are through the website or iOS application. You can email the support team of and provide them with as many details as possible regarding your issue to get assistance quickly. If possible, send them screenshots of account cancellations failing to work. 


In summary, essential services have become more accessible in this digital era. A good example is easy to access to care services made possible by the platform. The platform allows members to subscribe to their services, enabling them to access more convenient features. If you are stuck on how to cancel your account subscription, this guide will help you!

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