Can I Delete My TurboTax Account?

Are you fed up with paying your taxes by TurboTax and want to delete your TurboTax Account? Or maybe you want to change the method of paying your taxes. Whatever the reason, are you interested in “How to delete my TurboTax Account Permanently?” If yes, you have found the correct information for your confusion. 

Track the record of your taxes that have been paid or are yet to be paid. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of your TurboTax account permanently, you can do it quickly. You can learn to delete your TurboTax Account permanently from this article in just a few steps. You can also read how to delete the Turbo Tax account step by step more precisely with alternative methods.

Let’s begin.

How To Delete My TurboTax Account Permanently?

You can permanently delete your TurboTax account if you no longer want to use it. Some websites and web pages claim that you cannot delete your TurboTax Account permanently once you have created it; you can abandon it. According to some research, you cannot delete your TurboTax account. 

If you belong to any specific country or location, it might be possible for you to delete your TurboTax account easily. You can also turn off the notifications from the email or phone number that you have provided to TurboTax servers. We have a simple solution if you want to delete your TurboTax account permanently. Let’s not keep you waiting and start with the first step. 

Step 1- Go to your Browser

To start anything, you need to open your Browser. We recommend you begin with the chrome browser or google default browser. Open your laptop, tab, mobile, or any device you use. Once it is opened, go to your Browser. 

google chrome browser to delete Turbo Tax Account permanently

Step 2- Type TurboTax in the Search Bar

When you have opened your Browser, now is the time to type TurboTax in the search bar of the Browser. The search result will show you multiple results regarding the TurboTax Website. You will see the signup or login page at the top of the results. Click on the signup or login page from the results. 

type Turbo Tax in the google chrome search bar

Step 3- Login to your TurboTax Account

Now a page will be opened in front of your eyes asking for your login credentials. Type your username or password in the login information. And sign in to your TurboTax account. If you do not have a TurboTax account, you can make it easy by providing your email address, username, and password.

Log In to turbo tax account

Step 4- Profile & Settings

Now that you have entered your TurboTax Account, you can see the option of “Profile & settings” at the top ride side of the corner of your screen. Click on that option. You will see multiple other options in the menu. Scroll until you find the “Account” option. 

intuit dashboard

Step 5- Click on “Account Information”

In the Profile & settings Menu, you can see the link to Account information. You can also change privacy options and other information. But you are here to delete your TurboTax Account. So keep looking for the delete option. 

turbo tax dashboard account information

Step 6- Delete Account

You can see the Delete Account link in the Account information section. Remember, if you delete your TurboTax Account permanently, then there is no coming back. You will lose all the information that has been stored in your TurboTax Account. Also, you can no longer access the tax details through TurboTax. If you want to delete your TurboTax Account, click on the option of “Delete Account,” and your account will permanently be deleted in just one click. Along with your account, all your saved data, information, and credentials will be deleted promptly from the TurboTax servers. 

intuit data privacy


If you delete your TurboTax Account permanently, can you start over again?

If you have deleted your TurboTax Account, you need to create another account with your authentic information and start over again. TurboTax is a software program that will help you make your account once again and pay your taxes conveniently. 

Can I make multiple TurboTax Accounts?

Yes, you can make multiple TurboTax Accounts. For example, If you are running some errands, you can create a separate account for your business. This TurboTax Account will deal with your business information. On the other hand, you can make another TurboTax Account to pay and deal with your taxes. 

I forgot my TurboTax login password; what should I do now?

If you have forgotten your TurboTax Account password, you can contact the customer service on TurboTax Website. They will help you to create a new password for your account, and you can reset your password. There is no need to make a new account if you have forgotten the password of your previous version. The customer services of TurboTax will help you out in this situation. 

Is it essential to make a TurboTax Account?

No, it is not necessarily essential to make a TurboTax Account of your own. You can use the software without creating your account. You can use your social security numbers to deal with your taxes. 


If you joined TurboTax, you are responsible enough to pay your taxes. However, you can also pay your taxes without making any TurboTax Account with your name. You can follow this article confidently to delete your account. There are six simple steps to get rid of your TurboTax Account. We hope that this article is helpful for you.

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