Can I Get Discovery plus Through Dish?

Many famous TV programs, including food recipes, talk shows, reality TV, crime reports serials, and other nature shows, are significant parts of Discovery Plus. This article includes a detailed guide on Can I Get Discovery plus Through Dish.

You may be a fan of animals and nature beauty TV shows you have been watching since childhood on your Dish Discovery channel. 

The famous 182 channel on Dish was none other than the discovery channel, but it was old school. 

What Is Discovery Plus?

After several TV services giants put their footsteps in mainstream media, Discovery Plus always wanted to launch the same thing. 

Earlier in January 2021, Discovery Plus launched as an individual service provider like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime. Some people got confused that Discovery Plus is a channel.

You might even get yourself confused between Discovery and Discovery plus. And you are trying to run that service on your Dish, but you don’t know how. 

For better understanding, keep reading this article until the end so you might not get confused between these two media services.

Can I Get It Through Dish?

Discovery Plus is the highest library of worldwide streaming serials, originals, and shows. You can have this service at home on your smartphone, laptop, or TV. 

You would be amazed to watch thousands of food videos from several programs on Discovery Plus. But if you want to keep your kid busy by watching nature programs to do your office task, this is the best thing you can ever ask for.

One of the most famous TV show you might have been watching since your Childhood, Animal Planet, is also part of this channel. Their packages for their customers are based on whether they are with or without ads. 

If you want an ad-free subscription, it will cost you around $7. And if you can’t afford that, you have to bear a load of commercials while watching your favorite TV show for just $4.99. 

When it comes to playing these services on your TV, the primary issue is how it is unavailable as an individual channel. And your Dish is outdated that cannot support running this app.

Steps To Getting Discovery Plus On Your TV

The step-by-step guide below solves your problem of playing Discovery Plus on TV through a suitable Dish.

You must follow each step below to get this service on your TV:

1. Locate The TV Device In The Supported List

Locate The TV Device In The Supported List

First of all, as per Discovery plus on their official website, you can run their services on these devices. You want to run it on TV, including Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, Roku, and Samsung.

If you have one of the devices mentioned above, you can simply download their app from a web browser. 

2. Open the Web Browser And Download The App

Can I Get Discovery plus Through Dish

If you have an android TV, you can sign in to your Google account on the browser. After that, search the Discovery Plus app on it. If your device supports it, you only need to install it.

If your device doesn’t support it, you can choose any better streaming device given in the list above. Choose according to your budget and accessibility. 

3. Choose the Best Streaming Device Roku

Choose the Best Streaming Device Roku

Roku is one of the best streaming devices for TV available on multiple online marketing places like Amazon. Please attach it to your TV and open the streaming channels. Search for Discovery plus on it and open it.

4. Sign Up For New Account

Can I Get Discovery plus Through Dish

Now you need to sign up and make a new account. You will be asked to enter your Email address and confirm it through your inbox. You can start a free trial in which you need to purchase a subscription package of either $4.99 or $6.99.

5. Watch your Favorite TV Shows

Watch your Favorite TV Shows

Now you can watch your favorite shows and animal TV shows with a spicy touch of food recipe programs on your TV. You can watch every episode of your favorite channels on this service without interruption.

FAQs On Discovery Plus

Does Discovery Plus Free For Anyone?

There are no such free services offered by Discovery plus for anyone. Initially, only, Verizon was the first company that claimed to provide unlimited access to their premium customers only. 
But now, you must subscribe to their plans to access all Discovery plus services.

How Can You Get Discovery Plus On Dish?

You can get the Discovery Plus channel on your Dish by searching channel no. 296, which is mentioned in their guide as well. 
If the channel doesn’t show on your Dish, you need to tune all the channels or contact their support to resolve the problem.

Does Amazon Prime Provide Free Discovery Plus Access To Their Members?

There is no such offer that Amazon Prime provide to their customers for free Discovery Plus access. They only offer to avail of ad-free subscriptions from their platform attached to the Discovery Plus platform.
Otherwise, if anyone is trying to sell you through a link, don’t open it because it could cause your bank account to be empty within seconds without your consent.

What Are The Monthly Subscription Packages Of Discovery Plus?

There are two monthly subscription packages that Discovery Plus offers to its users. One is ad-free, which most people purchase to avoid interruption during their favorite TV show. This package costs around $6.99.
The other one is ad-free, which Discovery and die-hard fans do not appreciate. The commercials for their favorite food recipe could cause their anger. This package costs around $4.99.


Streaming service providers are a hot topic nowadays. People now turn their back on the old-fashioned cable TV channels due to the lack of graphical quality and content. 

It would be best if you were among those who admire the quality content because no one has such time to watch useless content on their TVs. Discovery Plus is the best way to cheer up your mood on long weekends.

You can get one for yourself if you are looking for a way to access Discovery Plus through Dish. The article above has all the questions regarding Discovery plus on Dish for you.

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