Can I Keep My Email Address If I Cancel CenturyLink?

Are you switching to a new satellite or cable provider? Are you asking whether I can keep my email address if I cancel CenturyLink? If these questions brought you here, you are reading the right article. This article will help you find the answers you have been searching for all over. Let’s not make you wait more and jump right into the topic. 

Can I keep My Email Address If I Cancel CenturyLink?

If you are not comfortable or delighted with the work and services of the satellite providers such as CenturyLink, why do you want to keep their email addresses? CenturyLink is one of those broad bands providers that will sign you up with a free email address with their services. Some broadband providers delete your email account after you have unsubscribed from their services. 

This way, your email address gets changed, all your contacts are notified of this change, and nobody likes the change. However, those broadband providers who let you keep your email account even after you cancel the contract charge you a monthly or yearly fee. Obviously, you would not like the idea of paying an unnecessary fee just to keep an email. Now, does CenturyLink deletes your email account if you are changing cables? Let’s find out the answer below. 

Does CenturyLink Delete Your Email Account If You Are Changing Cables?

If you are changing cables from CenturyLink broadband to another service provider, you cannot keep the email address that was provided to you. Your email account will be deleted as soon as you cancel your subscription to CenturyLink. You can no longer use your email account. 

The tip for all those who subscribe to a CenturyLink account is never to use the CenturyLink email address as your primary email address. So that none of your essential data is lost if they delete your email account.

There are some positive things in the deletion of your email account; you will no longer get any unnecessary notifications from CenturyLink after you have closed their broadband services. Furthermore, you would not have to pay any monthly or annual fee for the email address. Before deletion, you must think about the best way to move your email address to another one. Let’s hope you find a reliable answer to this question in the next section. 

How to Save Information On Your Email Account Of CenturyLink Before Closing It?

There is one thing that you can do to save your information and contacts on your email address that is linked to CenturyLink. Get an email address to help you move from, Gmail, Yahoo, or other email addresses. Now set up the email forwarding from your previous email address to the new one. 

Make sure to do this backup process before closing your CenturyLink broadband service. The one flaw of this process is that you must keep changing these accounts manually online, but it will save you from losing your important data. Also, things will be a little less complicated for you.

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