Can I login to My PS4 Account on Another PS4?

Play Station is one of the most popular consoles currently. People playing different games on their consoles daily might have other confusions. Most people get confused while adding a PS4 account on another PS4. In this article, we will talk about how you can login and add your PS4 account to another PS4.

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Method 1: Login PS4 Account to Another PS4 through Console.

Many of us have a primary account logged in to our PS4, but when we try to add another account, we might get confused. You can easily add multiple accounts to your PS4 through the console itself. The secondary accounts on PS4 also enjoy all the games associated with the primary account on your PS4. Also, remember you can only log your PSN account into two PS4 consoles. You can add your PS4 account to another PS4 console and set it as a secondary console. The secondary console will also access the games played on the primary console. But once you log out, the secondary console will lose all access to your PSN account.

Here is how you can add your PS4 account to another PS4.

  1. Open your Console and hold the PSN Button.
  2. Tap on the Power and click on the Log Out of PS4.
  3. Now Click on the New User button.
  4. Tap on Create a User.
  5. On the next page, Read the User Agreement and Select Accept.
  6. Now, Select Next. This will redirect to the Sign-in page.
  7. Enter your Login credentials and sign in to your PS4 Account.

Method 2: Create a New PSN Account.

Sometimes when wanting to add another account to a PS4 system, we might also be curious about opening a new PSN account. Many of us get confused when trying to open a new PSN account. So, here are two methods through which you can create a new PS4 account.

Method 3: Login to add ps4 account Through a Web Browser.

  1. Open the Sony Sign In page on your web browser.
Open the Sony Sign In page on your web browser.
  1. Select Create a New Account.
Select Create a New Account.
  1. Click on Create and Enter your Personal Information.
  2. Enter your desired online ID, First Name, and Last Name.
  3. Go through the Terms and Service and Privacy Policy and Click on Agree and Create Account.
Go through the Terms and Service and Privacy Policy and Click on Agree and Create Account.
  1. Click on Next and Verify your account.

method 4: Via PS4

  1. Open your Console and hold the PSN Button.
  2. From the Quick Menu, Tap on the Power.
  3. Select the Log Out of PS4 and Tap on the New User button.
  4. Tap on Create a User and Select the Create an Account button.
  5. Now, enter your details and follow the instructions
  6. Now, Select Next, read the User Agreement, and Select Accept.
  7. Verify your email address to create your new PS4 account.


Can I have two primary PS4 accounts?

You can only have one Primary PS4 account. All your downloaded games and subscriptions will stay in the primary PS4 account. While another secondary account is logged in, it can also enjoy the games purchased from the primary account. Family sharing also enables the PS Plus benefit to be shared with other family members. If you want to share your PS Plus features only with another family member through Family Sharing. 

How many accounts can I use on my PS4?

You can log in to up to four accounts on your PS4 account simultaneously. One account will be set as a primary account for the PS4. You can change another account countless times but cannot log in to more than four accounts on the console simultaneously. You can use your PlayStation Network account on no more than two PS4s.

How to link my PS4 account to my phone?

To link your PS4 account to your phone, follow the steps below:
– Download PS4 Second Screen on your smartphone.
– Connect your phone and your console to the same network.
– On your PS4, Go to Settings.
– Open Mobile App Connection Settings and Select Add Device.
– Open your phone’s PS4 Second Screen App and select the PS4 you want to connect.
– Enter the code from the PS4 Screen on the app and Tap on Register.
– Your PS4 account is now successfully linked to your phone.

Can I use the same email for another PS4 account?

No, you cannot use the same email to create another PS4/PSN account. You need to use a new email to create another PSN account. But you can create different sub-accounts for your family under the same PSN account. Your family members can use separate sub-accounts under the PS4 account. You can also make other child accounts and monitor their PS4 usage.

Can you log into your PS4 account on PC?

You can create a Sony PSN account and log in to the account through your PC. You will be able to access the account through your PC. After logging in, you can also manage your account and change different information and settings from your PC.

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