Can I Merge Two Drafts on TikTok?

TikTok is an excellent platform for creating bite-sized videos for your fans to interact with. While at it, you can have multiple TikTok videos that you have yet to post and store as drafts. In most cases, the drafts are videos that excite you, and it’s possible to want to combine them into one video. The question is whether it’s possible to merge two drafts on TikTok. Here is the thing, TikTok allows you to combine your drafts, provided you first upload them, save them, then post them. Besides, there are third-party tools that allow you to combine your drafts.

You may also find it helpful to learn how to edit a draft on TikTok easily.

Steps to merge Two Drafts on TikTok.

Drafts are videos that you create on TikTok but fail to upload them. TikTok allows you to have multiple drafts, and when you want, you can combine the drafts into a longer video which you then upload. The good news is that there are different ways of combining drafts on TikTok.

  1. Combining Drafts on TikTok App
  2. Open your TikTok app
Open your TikTok app
  1. Click on your TikTok profile
Click on your TikTok profile
  1. Locate the drafts and select a video you want to post
Locate the drafts and select a video you want to post
  1. Click “Next,” then under “who can watch the video,” select “Only Me.”
Click "Next," then under the "who can watch the video," select "Only Me."
  1. Below it, click the “Save to device” option
  2. Navigate to your homepage and tap on the “+” icon
  3. On the camera screen, click the “Upload” button
Below it, click the "Save to device" option
  1. Once you’ve uploaded the drafts, set a background.
  2. Tap the Default option and trim your videos using the sliders on each end.
  3. Once done, click “Next” and edit the video by adding various effects, stickers, etc.
Lastly, click "Next" and tap the button for "Post" to share
  1. Lastly, click “Next” and tap the button for “Post” to share your combined drafts.

Bingo! You managed to combine your drafts and upload them as one video

  1. Combining TikTok Drafts Using Camera Roll

 Follow the steps below.

  1. Open your TikTok app on your Android or iPhone
Open your TikTok app on your Android or iPhone
  1. Click the plus icon
Click the plus icon
  1. Tap the upload button at the bottom.
  2. Once the camera roll opens, scroll through and select your target videos and click “Next.”
  3. Choose music that you will use as a background, trim the video, and once all is done, click “Next.”
  4. Customize the videos by adding effects, stickers, etc.
On the next page, tap the "Post" to save the combined draft videos
  1. On the next page, tap the “Post” to save the combined draft videos
  2. Combining TikTok Drafts Using Third-Party Tools

So far, we’ve revealed two ways of combining drafts on TikTok. The third method involves using third-party tools. An online search will give various tools you can use to combine TikTok drafts. With these tools, you only need to download your TikTok drafts by first uploading them. Once you’ve downloaded them, merge them using the tool, and upload the merged video to your TikTok account.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to combine your TikTok drafts using any of these methods.


Can You Merge Two TikTok Drafts?

Yes, you can. TikTok drafts are videos that you failed to upload for various reasons. When you have these drafts, you can download them and use any of the discussed methods to merge them and share them on Your TikTok for your fans to enjoy.

How Can I Transfer My TikTok Drafts?

There is no way of transferring TikTok drafts from one account to another. A draft is device-specific. Therefore, if you saved a TikTok video as a draft on one device, it will remain on that device until you delete it, download it, or post it. You can’t share TikTok drafts between two TikTok accounts.

How Can I Merge TikTok Drafts?

To merge TikTok drafts, you have three options for achieving that. You can directly upload the drafts using the camera roll option or save the drafts on your device and upload them by selecting multiple videos. Alternatively, you can search for online tools which allow users to merge TikTok draft videos. With the tool, you can then save your TikTok draft, use the tool to merge them, and finally post the merged TikTok video.

How Long Are Merged TikTok Videos?

You can merge multiple TikTok videos to form a lengthy video of even a minute long. If you have numerous TikTok videos of 15 seconds, you can merge them and have one merged TikTok video even one minute long.

Should I Merge TikTok Drafts?

The choice depends on what you want to achieve. If you have multiple TikTok videos, you may decide to merge them as creativity and post a single video. However, if you have a reason or drive for merging the videos, you don’t have to.

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