Can I recover my draft on TikTok?

Tiktok, with its introduction, becomes a craze for many people. The reason might be the innovative idea of sharing short videos of different genres like entertainment, pranks, puzzles, business, and many more. Many people use it for various reasons. If you are a hardcore TikToker, who loves to generate new content very often, you may save your videos for later working or uploading. In this situation, there is a huge possibility that you come across a very common issue of accidental deletion of videos present in the draft, which you have left for future work, or maybe some of the files gone missing from your phone. This condition is no less than a nightmare for you or any other TikToker, as these videos require lots of effort, tweaks, edits, and work before uploading and getting viral. Now, how can you recover your draft on TikTok?

Well, all you need is a technology that may recover all your videos that have been lost due to any reason. But what if we tell you that you can do this independently? Although you require proper guidance for performing this activity, it is not as difficult as it seems.

But before going any further, first, you need to understand what TikTok drafts are and the causes for any of the videos getting deleted from the draft. So, we recommend you go through the entire article with full patience and try to grasp every bit of it, as we will tell you the step-by-step procedure to get back your deleted videos from the draft.

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Recover Draft On TikTok – the home of unpublished videos

Like any other online application, TikTok offers you the facility to store unpublished videos or TikTok content over your local storage, which is most likely your phone or pc storage. It means any content not uploaded over TikTok is present on your device, such as phone, pc, SD card, etc.

It is the time when this content present in the Draft gets vulnerable as you can lose it by your own mistake or due to any other mishap. There can be multiple reasons because of why you can lose it; some of them are as follows: 

Forget to Save a video: As we know, creating good viral content is a time-consuming task, and it is most likely that due to outside distraction, or a slip of the mind, you forget to share or save the video, which will cost you losing a good content. 

Unexpected Power cut: Power problems can occur anywhere or with any device. You may experience a power failure during the upload of a video, or maybe your phone gets restarted or stops working, so in this case, you may lose the video on which you are working.

Network Problems: There is a great chance you might experience a network outage over a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Problem with the software: You could become a victim of any corrupt or missing updates, or your app could become unresponsive unexpectedly 

Corrupt VideoVideo: If you are shooting your VideoVideo over TikTok, there is a great chance that you will lose the VideoVideo due to unforeseen corruption or deletion issues because of media malfunctioning or any other reason.  

Other operational issues: Many factors can delete a video from your draft, such as third-party application, virus or malware, incompatible video formatting, incomplete video transfer, missing files, storage formatting, etc.

Above are some of the most common issues you can lose the videos. Now let’s explore the step-by-step procedure to mitigate this commonly occurring issue.

Steps To recover draft video on TikTok

You can retrieve the draft videos in a couple of ways. Let’s see the step-by-step procedure for each one of them:

Method 1: By Device Gallery 

If you have encountered the video deletion issue, the first place where you have to look around is the Gallery section, as the drafts mostly reside there unless you have changed the default location.

1: Go to “All Apps” on your mobile.

all apps

2: Now open the “Gallery” by tapping on its icon

gallery icon

3: Locate the TikTok folder within the gallery.

4: From here, search for your required draft with the help of its thumbnail. For your ease, search it with the help of its creation date.

Method 2: Recover deleted Draft videos On TikTok from liked videos

If the first method is unsuccessful, do not worry; we have another solution for you. Follow the below steps:

1: Open the TikTok app on your phone

tiktok icon

2:  Open your profile by moving the bottom right corner of the screen

tiktok profile

3: Now select the “Heart” icon next to the “Favorite Videos” icon to access all your liked videos

tiktok profile

4: Select the video to recover it. This will open the video (if it was not deleted; otherwise, you would see a blank screen)

5: Once the video starts playing tap the three dots.

tiktok camera

6: You will see the “Save Video” option. Tap it, and your required video starts downloading.

tiktok save video

Method 3: Recover deleted videos from SD cards via third-party software

TikTok videos are great content to share with your besties, family, and other known or unknown people to get viral, but they require too much storage space; because of this, it is recommended to shift the data to another storage or memory card. But what if that SD card got corrupt? Don’t worry; we have covered you here. You can use any third-party recovery software (Filescavenger is our choice).

Let’s see the step to recover the deleted or corrupt video via Filescavenger:

1: Put the SD card in the external card reader and connect it with any PC.

2: Now double click the “File Scavenger” to launch it

File Scavenger

3: Under “Step 1: Search,” select the * in the “Search For” option to search all.

search for on File Scavenger

4: Now select the source path (which in our case is d drive).

File Scavenger

5: From the mode option, select “Long” (to search deeply)

File Scavenger

6: Now press the “Search button.”

File Scavenger

7: Once the search is complete, select the “Step 2 Recover Tab”

File Scavenger

8: Now enter the “Destination Folder” for recovery and press the “Recover” button

File Scavenger

Hurray!! All your deleted videos and other data are recovered.


How can we save our videos from accidentally removing them?

Saving the videos is not an issue as you have a couple of options available such as saving it to one drive, google drive, iCloud, and any other cloud media. Additionally, you can save a copy on another SD card. 

Will the TikTok draft be available or not in case of application removal?

Once you uninstall the TikTok application, it will remove all its data, including the drafts folder, as it also resides in the application’s data folder.  

How can we save a TikTok video?

You can save any TikTok video you like by pressing the three dots icon and tapping on the “Save Video” button afterward.

Does it affect the draft folder if we log out of TikTok?

Yes, logging out of TikTok will delete the draft folder and all the videos residing in it, so it is recommended not to log out of TikTok unless you have decided to permanently close your account. 

Can we upload a video to TikTok without signing in?

No, you can’t upload a video without signing into an account. 


Data is becoming the most precious thing in this digital age, and if this data belongs to an application like TikTok, then it is no more than a treasure, and we cannot afford to lose it. But if we come across any such situation, the only resort is data recovery techniques.

In this article, we have tried to summarize all the methods necessary to recover deleted draft videos of TikTok. All the procedures are tested and have a maximum success rate; all you need is effort and luck.  

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