Can I Replace My AT&T DSL Modem?

Can I Replace My AT&T DSL Modem

Are you looking to replace your defective or damaged AT&T DSL Modem? You can return and replace your AT&T DSL modem only if it is defective or damaged when you receive it. Any damage caused by you because of negligence or intentional acts will not cover replacement. 

This article explains how to replace your AT&T DSL Modem easily. 

What is DSL Return Policy?

The policy details are given below in an elaborate manner.

Confirm DSL Policy

By logging into your account, you may determine whether you have active DSL service. You’re good to go if My DSL Internet appears. 

Defective Equipment

If a modem or Wi-Fi gateway stops working due to poor materials or construction within a year of the ship or installation date, you can return it for a replacement.

Replacement Process

  1. For assistance or a replacement, contact the manufacturer or AT&T support
  2. AT&T reserves the right to replace an equivalent or refurbished item for the Wi-Fi gateway, modem, or maintenance plan equipment.
  3. Equipment that is lost or stolen may be replaced at the market price. It can also be replaced if broken or destroyed for any other reason.
  4. A return authorization number and a pre-paid UPS delivery label will be sent.
  5. They must receive the damaged equipment within 30 days of getting your notice. You will be charged for the cost of replacing the equipment if they receive your shipment after 30 days.
  6. On the front of the box, write the return authorization number. Without it, packages won’t be eligible for replacement.
  7. Deliver the box to any authorized UPS Store drop-off site, and they will take care of the replacement.


  1. DSL modem won’t be accepted after 30 days if the product is not defective. 
  2. It normally takes two weeks to process a return. When the equipment is returned, they inspect it to see if a replacement is available or not. 

What is not covered in the replacement of the AT&T DSL Modem?

You cannot replace your AT&T DSL modem if:

  • Equipment damaged or destroyed due to the negligence or deliberate actions of the customer or any of the customer’s agents
  • Changes made by the customer to the covered equipment
  • Equipment lost by fire, natural calamities including flood damage, or other unforeseen reasons
  • Customer-ordered goods or services from any person or organization other than AT&T

FAQs On My AT&T DSL Modem

Can I use my modem with AT&T?

Yes, you can use your modem and router to use AT&T Internet services. However, you must first check if your modem is compatible with AT&T.

How much does an AT&T modem cost?

It’s not entirely “free” because ATT Internet subscribers must lease their gateway for $7 or $10 per month. You cannot purchase your own to avoid paying the equipment rental price each month.

Can I upgrade my AT&T modem for free?

Dial (800) 288-2020 to reach customer service and ask for a newer model gateway when you reach a live agent. You should be able to request a newer model from them for free. Depending on your provider, they may want to arrange a tech visit to ensure your wiring is accurate and current, costing around $99.

Can I replace my modem at the AT&T store?

You cannot replace your modem at the AT&T store. You need to contact AT&T customer support and go through the replacement process mentioned above to get a new gateway. 

Where can I exchange my AT&T DSL modem?

Simply head over to a company-owned FedEx Office or The UPS Store with your unboxed equipment and account number. Look at your bill to determine your account number if you don’t remember it. Your equipment will be returned to AT&T at no extra cost to you by these courier companies.

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