Can I Restart My Pokemon Go Account?

Pokemon Go has had its wave as one of the most downloaded games, and for the Nintendo company, the game’s development in 2016 was a game changer for them. There was so much hype around Pokemon Go, especially since it is available for iOS and Android, and gamers couldn’t keep calm about how amazing Pokemon Go is. The main issue with Pokemon Go comes when you need to restart it. You may wonder how to solve the restart issue on the Pokemon Go account. Keep reading the article to find the solution.

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How Do You Restart Pokemon Go Account?

Earlier, Pokemon Go suffered a loss of gamers, especially after people began raising issues regarding their security. Most people rushed to delete their accounts, and some halted using the game. Nonetheless, Pokemon Go is a reputable game, and often you may encounter issues, such as running out of Poke Balls. You may be tempted to restart your sessions in such a case, right?

The bad news is there is no way of restarting your Pokemon Go. Your only option is to delete your account and start fresh. So how do you delete your Pokemon Go account? Follow the steps below.

Method 1. Delete From the App

The Niantic Support page outlines that you can delete your Pokemon Go account from the app.

Start by accessing your Pokemon Go app on your phone and using the login details of the account you want to delete.

  1. Navigate to your settings page
Navigate to your settings page

2. Click the advanced settings button at the bottom

Click the advanced settings button

3. Click the Delete Account button and click the Continue button to finalize the operation

Click the Delete Account button and click the Continue

Note that the process is irreversible once you confirm to delete the account.

Method 2. Contact Support Team

If the first method doesn’t work in deleting your account, you have the option of contacting the Niantic support team, and they will delete the account for you.

For this, click here to fill out the required form. 

Niantic support contact page

Ensure you give out the needed details for the support team to use to process your case, especially the email address and the player name. Once you have all your details entered, click the submit button. Soon, you will get an email from the support team with instructions on what to do next to finalize deleting your Pokemon Go account.


Can I Delete My Pokemon Go Account?

Yes, you can. Pokemon Go provides two ways of deleting your account. You can use the delete option available when logged into your Pokemon Go account or fill out the request form. When the support team verifies your information, they can start processing your account deletion request. However, it would be best if you were patient as the process takes time.

What Happens When I Delete My Pokemon Go?

It’s unfortunate when you delete your Pokemon Go after all your hard work. This unfortunate situation will make you lose all your data, rewards, and levels. Besides, you must use a different player ID and email address to create a new account in the future. Ideally, you will start everything from scratch.

How Can I Restart My Pokemon Go Data?

There is no way of restarting your Pokemon Go. If you’ve messed up something and need to restart your settings or data, you must delete the Pokemon Go account and create another. That’s the only option to starting afresh with Pokemon Go.

How Do I Get Started with Pokemon Go?

Start by downloading the Pokemon Go app on your Android or iPhone from Play Store or App store, respectively. Open the app and provide the required details to open your Pokemon Go account. As the last step, you will need to give a player nickname, and that’s it. You can now enjoy Pokemon Go.

Does Pokemon Remove Inactive Accounts?

If Pokemon Go detects an inactive account, it will issue a notification before deleting it. Besides, the clearing of inactive accounts occurs periodically.


When playing Pokemon Go, you may encounter a situation where you feel you need to restart your sessions. Unfortunately, that is not possible, and your only option is to delete your Pokemon Go, lose all your levels, and start again. This guide covered the steps for deleting your Pokemon Go account.

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