Can I Sign Into My Xbox Account On Another Xbox?

An Xbox account is usually used to sync all your gaming progress data with your achievement points. You can also purchase an Xbox gold account which provides enhanced features in the console. In this article, we will talk about Can I Sign Into My Xbox Account On Another Xbox?

Sometimes you go on a long-term vacation to another country at your cousin’s house. There you find an Xbox, and you desperately want to kill the idle time by completing your game missions. Since your younger brother is at home and using your account on Xbox. Now you don’t know how to sign in to your Xbox account on another Xbox, because you never did this before.

Don’t worry! This article will teach you how to allow your account on another Xbox to run. So, you can sync your game progress and play from where you left at home. So, let’s dig deeper inside the article to learn how to use your Xbox account on multiple devices.

What Is Xbox Account?

An Xbox account is used to play games online with your friends or random people worldwide. Xbox live is the main feature that allows you to play multiplayer online games without any hurdles.

You must have a Microsoft account before creating an Xbox account because Xbox only allows accepting that account. You can purchase a premium Xbox account to have more enhanced and extra features.

How To Sign Into Your Xbox Account On Another Xbox?

The problem occurs when you want to switch or sign in to your account on another Xbox. You cannot do that unless you allow yourself from your account on the first device. So, you must ensure that whenever you want to log in to your Xbox account on another Xbox, you must follow a method. 

We have summarized a guide below for you to run your Xbox account on both devices simultaneously. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot play the same game on both Xboxes with the same account. So, you must know this accounting rule to avoid any contradiction.

Steps To Sign In for Xbox Account On Another Xbox

You need to follow each step below carefully to avoid any inconvenience regarding your account authority:

1. Open Xbox Settings

Open Xbox Settings

Turn on your Xbox and make sure you have a working internet connection. Now in the home menu, locate the settings feature of Xbox. 

Now open the Xbox settings by pressing the execution button from the controller.

2. Open Profile And System Settings

Can I Sign Into My Xbox Account On Another Xboxs

Now swipe the controller button to the left to open the profile and system settings option. Below your profile details is an option “add or switch.” Please start the add or switch option.

3. Select Add New

Select Add New

In the add or switch button, you will have two more options. The first is to add a guest to your account, which could be anyone. The second option showing new is to add a new device to your account. Kindly choose to add a new button.

4. Sign Into your Account

Can I Sign Into My Xbox Account On Another Xbox

Now Microsoft will ask you to sign in again to confirm the authenticity of the account owner. Sometimes, someone may try to steal your account without your consent. But this security feature prevents anyone from stealing your Xbox account.

5. Enter your Email And Password

Enter your Email And Password

After putting your email address, you need to place your Microsoft account password. If you forget your password, you can recover it by choosing the option below, “I’ve forgotten my password.”

6. Select Next

Select Next

A new window will open when you successfully sign in to your account. It will show you some precautionary measures you must read before pressing the next button.

7. Select Yes, I’m In

Select Yes, I’m In

After that, you will have three different options on your screen. You must not forget to read the instructions before continuing this process. Now select yes, I’m in choice.

8. Choose No Barriers

Choose No Barriers

The sign-in security preferences screen will show t three different options to choose from. If you want to keep it simple, then select no barriers. If you have any security issues regarding your account stealing, read and choose from the other two options.

9. Choose Skip This

Can I Sign Into My Xbox Account On Another Xbox

It is the final step where you must decide whether anyone can play games from your first device or you only want to use it. 

If you want to play one at a time, use the instant sign-in option. Otherwise, choose the skip option, and you can now sign into another Xbox console.

FAQs On Xbox Account

How Do I Use One Account On Two Xbox?

You can sign into two different Xboxes but only use one at a time. That is because if you use both at the same time, gaming progress can negate each other. If you want to use the same account on another Xbox, then follow the steps below:
1. Turn on your Xbox and make sure your account is logged in
2. Open settings from the main menu
3. Now locate the profile and system
4. Open the “add or switch” option
5. Add a new device by signing in again to your Microsoft account

Can I Use One Xbox Live Account On Two Xboxes?

You can sign in to your Microsoft live account on two devices, but you must care while playing games. That is because the home option can only be set to one console. So you have to decide which console you are playing and set it as a home.

Can You Share Your Xbox Account With Your Friends And Family?

Yes, you can share your Xbox account with your friends and family. You can add them through Xbox live profile settings. It lets you divide the budget into both sides and play unlimited games.

How Can I Log Into My old Xbox Account?

You can log into your old Xbox account by following the steps below:
1. Open the Microsoft account login page
2. Enter your login credentials
3. Enter the security code you will receive on your number or email
4. Then continue the process, and your old account will be live

Can Xbox Delete My Account?

Yes, Xbox can delete your account if you don’t use that for at least five years. Their rules and regulations section mentioned that any inactive account for more than five years would be terminated automatically.


Playing games on two Xbox consoles with one account is not possible. However, you can use the same account at two different times by switching them to your home account.

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