Can I Swear On TikTok?

You can label TikTok as a no-nonsense platform for its strict regulations to protect the rights of its users and promote peace among them. However, whether you can swear on the platform remains unclear to many users who want reliable answers. The good news is that you are about to find out. Read this article until the end to get the answer to your query: “Can I Swear On TikTok?

Procedure To Know If You Can Swear On TikTok?

People have different opinions about swearing on TikTok because TikTok does have an official statement for or against swearing or using swearing words. 

Therefore, the answer to whether you can swear on TikTok may be Yes, but you should still be careful with your choice of words while creating content for your TikTok audience.

For clarity, swearing on TikTok does not violate the platform’s policy since the community guidelines do not ban it outright. Hence, TikTok may not take down your videos even if you swear or cuss. But, that is not all about swearing or cussing on TikTok.

What Happens When You Swear On Tiktok?

TikTok may not ban or delete your content containing swear words, but some words can negatively affect how your content performs on the platform.

Many creators believe that content containing too many swear words may be subject to heavy suppression and may not appear on the audience’s For You Pages. In addition, TikTok may flag your account when you post content containing swear words, which may affect your subsequent posts, even if those new posts do not contain such words. 

Again, this belief is far from an official policy from TikTok, and it is rather a submission that comes from some creators’ experiences and content performance.

As a result, it is best not to swear on TikTok for optimum content performance and appearance on users’ For You pages.

Can You Swear in Video Captions?

Since it is not advisable to swear in TikTok videos, it is also best to avoid swearing words in video captions not for official regulation’s sake but to avoid the risk of content suppression.

Can I Swear On TikTok Comment?

It is safer to swear in the TikTok comment section than within your content or the caption, and TikTok is more concerned about the message a content carries than what comments you leave on it. Though, you should still avoid words that are defaming and do not promote peace.

Also, you may be unable to fully control what your audience says in the comment section as a creator, though you can delete some comments you don’t like or use a filter feature that hides certain comments from the public.

Even when you do, it will not be easy to delete every comment you deem unfit in a post with thousands of comments  – it will be too demanding and time-consuming. Also, you may miss out on some words while setting up the filter feature to block some comments on your post. Therefore, Tiktok is not likely to sanction you for the kind of comments people put on your post.

What Kind of Words Are Against TikTok’s Rule?

Just as TikTok does not officially ban swearing words, there is no clear list of words you cannot use on the platform yet. However, the community disapproves of discrimination, hate speech, or words that promote hateful behavior.

It defines hate speech or behavior as any content that has the potential to attack, threaten, or incite violence against people based on their race, origin, belief, disability, gender identity, etc., and does not condone such.

Therefore, your definition of swear words or words you cannot use on TikTok may be based on public morality and, sometimes, your conviction. In addition, you will play safe by avoiding words related to profanity, violence, weaponry, or drugs.

How To Use Swear Words on TikTok?

You may need to use certain swear words in your TikTok content due to your niche or topic, but you should apply some tweaks while using them since they may jeopardize your content reach. Here are some ways to use swearing words on TikTok without risking a ban or limiting how far the content can go.

  • Mute swear words.
  • Use inverted texts, symbols, or stickers with captions instead of spelling out the words—for example, f*ck, a$$hole, etc.

Bleep Out Swear Words with a Third-party App

You can bleep out swear words within your video with third-party apps. The apps will transcribe your audio as you record the video and bleep out swear words when you use one.

Why Do You Have Zero Views On TikTok?

One reason why your TikTok post may have zero views is if it contains swear or cuss words. There is no way your audience will see the content if it does not appear on their For You page, implying zero views.

Filter out swear words from your content and repost it if you have this experience, and it should perform better.

Controlling How Swear Words Appear in Your Posts’ Comments Section?

You can use TikTok’s filter feature if you dislike swearing words and want to limit how much people use them under your posts as comments.

The filter feature hides spam and offensive comments by default unless you approve them. But, you can set it up to filter and hide comments with specific keywords unless you approve them.

It lets you add keywords you don’t want to see under your videos and stories and automatically blocks comments containing such keywords.

Though you may not be able to add all the swear words people know, you can easily block the most common ones.

Here is how to set up the TikTok filter feature to hide swearing words in your post’s comment section.

Step 1: Tap the Profile Icon

Tap the Profile Icon

Open the TikTok app and tap the profile icon at the bottom right of the For You page.

Step 2: Menu

Open the TikTok app and tap the profile icon at the bottom right of the For You page

On the profile page, tap the Menu icon. It is the three horizontal next to the profile views button at the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Settings and Privacy

Can I Swear On TikTok

Tap the Settings and Privacy option on the pop-up menu after tapping the menu button.

Step 4: Privacy

Can I Swear On TikTok

On the Settings and Privacy page, tap Privacy under the Account section.

Step 5: Comments

tap Comments under the Safety section to continue

The privacy settings let you regulate what your audience can see or do on your account—tap Comments under the Safety section to continue.

Step 6: Filter Keywords

There are three options for using the filter feature:

  • Filter all comments.
  • Filter spam and offensive comments.
  • Filter keywords.

Tap the Filter Keywords option and ensure its toggle activates.

Tap the Filter Keywords option and ensure its toggle activates

Next, tap the Add keywords text field under it.

Tap the Add keywords text field under it

Then, type in the keywords you want to hide from your posts’ comment section and press the Enter button on your keyboard.

Type in the keywords you want to hide from your posts comment section

The keyword will appear under the Add keywords text field, and you can add more keywords by repeating the same process – tapping the text field, trying the keyword, and pressing the enter button.

Can I Swear On TikTok

You can also remove a keyword by tapping the x icon in front of it. This feature lets you add as many words as you like, and TikTok will hide any comment that contains them from your posts.


TikTok may not ban your account when you swear or cuss, but content that contains swear words may not reach the target audience. Hence, it is best not to swear on TikTok even though people can do it without penalties.

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