Can I Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Another Account?

Can I Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Another Account?

Amazon gift cards are always perfect for friends, family, and loved ones. However, your loved ones may be unable to use the balance on their gift card. They might not live in the same country or have an unused balance on their account. You might be asking yourself “can I transfer Amazon gift card balance to another account”?

It can be a real bummer when you want to give someone a gift of your choosing, but they can’t use it. With Amazon Gift Cards, it’s never a problem, and you don’t need to know what they might want because they can redeem it online or in-store. You can also learn how to delete purchase history on Amazon.

This article will make you better understand Amazon’s privacy and policies associated with gift card transfers.

So let’s get inside the article to learn how to transfer your Amazon gift card to someone’s account.

What Is Amazon Gift Card, And Can I Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Another Account?

Amazon gift cards are a payment source that Amazon introduces to purchase items from online stores and their authorized merchants.

When you return some item to Amazon, they provide you a gift card for the money you used to purchase that item.

There is no need to worry about sending an unwanted or unusable gift again because Amazon allows you to transfer your Amazon Gift Card.

Some rumors indicate that you can transfer your money to another account or only to amazon. You can better understand this complication in the later part of this article.

Can I Transfer the Amazon Gift Card Balance?

According to Amazon privacy and policies, you cannot share or transfer your gift card balance to any other account. 

The reason is that Amazon has strict privacy and security features that don’t allow anyone to get benefits from others’ accounts directly. This balance transfer can also cause a breach of someone’s Amazon account and use their money without their consent. 

That is why Amazon allows you to use other options to provide value to someone else. Those options include using your gift card to purchase some item on Amazon and then ordering that item at the person’s address; that is the only way. 

The Amazon gift card, once redeemed, transfers the balance to your account, which cannot be further transferred to anyone’s account. So it would be best to keep it precise by shopping yourself, not someone else.


Can I Use My Amazon Gift Anywhere Else Other Than Amazon?

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You can only use your Amazon gift card on the Amazon website or in-store in the US. Amazon doesn’t allow you to use their gift card anywhere on online stores like Walmart and Shopify. 
But you can use this gift card on US Mazon physical stores to redeem Amazon money and purchase items from that stores. Even now, Amazon collaborates with some online giants, allowing you to purchase any item from their stores using Amazon currency. 
Amazon’s currency can be obtained by transferring the amount from your bank account to your Amazon wallet. Amazon currency is quite famous in Us where people buy items from various online stores using this digital currency.

How Do I Return The Purchased Merchandise With My Amazon Card?

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The Amazon policy allows customers to return any item they purchased from their platform within 30 days with the original receipt and proof. 
Amazon will refund your money in the form of an Amazon gift card, or if your want it in the form of cash, then you need to request their support, and they will assist you with the further process.
According to Amazon’s new policy, you will receive a gift card for your refund payments. Amazon will mark your refund gift card payment as an original payment method no matter what method you ask them to return.

What Should I Do If My Amazon Gift Card Was Lost Or Stolen?


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Sometimes your Amazon card gets stolen or lost while they send it to your address or at your office. But don’t worry; Amazon allows you to get updated with its gift card tracking policy which can only be shown on your Amazon account. 
You can claim your gift card by reporting on Amazon’s support center. You need to follow these simple steps to take action when your Amazon gift card is stolen:
1. Open Amazon support from the app or browser by logging into your account
2. Open a ticket against your card stolen
3. Enter your order number or related data
4. Enter your name and address as a purchaser
5. Enter your Email address on which the gift card was granted
6. Enter the card number of the gift card in case you bought that from an authorized retailer rather than

Is There Any Time Limit To Redeem Your Amazon Certificate Or Gift Card?

According to Amazon policy, there is no expiry date or limit on Amazon gift cards. So that means you can redeem this card anytime, whenever you want. 
But as per Amazon’s suggestion, you should better redeem it when you receive it because there are slight chances that you might lose your gift card.

How Do I Redeem My Amazon Gift Card?

You can redeem your Amazon gift card by following the easiest steps mentioned below:

1. Log in to your Amazon account on the app or browser
2. Locate the menu by clicking on three lines option showing next to hello in the top right corner
3. Please scroll down the option and choose payments by clicking or tapping on it
4. Now choose your payments option
5. Navigate your Amazon gift card option among various payments methods
6. Now select the “redeem a gift card” option
7. Kindly enter your Amazon gift card number and then the security pin 
8. The balance will be added to your Amazon wallet, which can be used to shop on Amazon

Can I Unredeemed My Amazon Gift Card?

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According to Amazon’s policy, gift cards are not redeemable because you can only use them once you redeem them. 
After redeeming the card, data is spoiled as per Amazon, but if you are facing any problem regarding the card balance, then your case can be heard by Amazon \’s support center.

Is Amazon Gift Card Scam: Real Or Fake?

Amazon gift card is a legit program until you get a suspicious email or text link from scammers. You can only get this gift card from the official Amazon email. 
If any other domain email is trying to send you gift card congratulations messages with links, then get an alert because that is a scam. 
Amazon will not claim any of your loss if you get scammed by these suspicious links. So always try to verify first the source of the gift card.

Can You Transfer Your Amazon Balance To UPI?

An Indian tech enthusiast said on his Twitter on July 16th that “Amazon launched an Amazon wallet UPI. 
Now, you can use Amazon wallet to transfer your money directly to UPI. You may load the amount through a bank card and can easily transfer it to UPI.


Amazon gift cards are great for people who love shopping on Amazon but don’t want to spend their own money. 

However, if customers don’t have the available balance in their account, they may end up with an unwanted gift card that they can’t use outside Amazon.

There are some indications that you might get access to this Amazon card transfer facility in the future, but not for now. 

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