Can Xbox Series X Lay Horizontal?

Since its release, the Xbox series X has gained recognition for its appearance and functionality. However, people raised the question if the Xbox Series X can lay horizontally. The response by Microsoft was affirmative in this regard. According to a statement from the business, the console has the function of working vertically and horizontally. Let’s dig more into this subject. If you are wondering, Can Xbox Series X Lay Horizontal? This article will give you a step-by-step guide on Can Xbox Series X Lay Horizontal.

Dimensions of the Xbox Series X and Series S

The Series X is 301mm×151mm×151mm in size. It’s usual vertical position is practical if you put it beside your Television or on top of a table. Laying the device horizontally will cut its vertical length in half, making it ideal for placement above a television or in another area with limited ceiling height.

The Series S dimension, 275mm×151mm×64mm in size, is 60% reduced than the Series X dimension. This device is comparable to earlier consoles. The device is smaller than its most effective system panel in appropriate configurations. Consequently, there is more room for storage and improved airflow.

Laying the Xbox Series X Horizontally and Vertically

Although the Xbox Series X is typically upright, Microsoft has addressed people’s concerns.. The system features a layout that functions vertically and horizontally depending on its orientation. It does not affect the performance of the device.

Contrary to the original Xbox One system, which could only be placed horizontally, the Series X allows the placement in two positions. The primary position is evident in all the advertisements due to the vertically inclined frame and the top-mounted power button with the Xbox logo. The holder even contains a built-in circular stand to assist the gadget in standing tall.

Microsoft has also considered the device’s horizontal operation, which is perfect for entertainment centers with limited vertical space. The right-hand side of the console includes four retractable rubberized feet. The stand is an integral part of the unit, and one can not take it out to maintain ventilation. When flat, it protrudes on the right side.

Additionally, the Series X is quieter than earlier Xbox One systems, which enhances the room’s dynamics. As long as the primary fan provides appropriate ventilation, you can operate the model in either direction, horizontal or vertical. For the Series X disc drive, both positions are secure.

Which is the Best Option for Laying your Xbox Series X: Horizontally or Vertically?

While your device’s position won’t affect gameplay or efficiency, positioning your PS5/X/S vertically or horizontally has advantages and drawbacks.

In some cases, laying your Xbox in a vertical position can improve how its fans blow. It can slide into smaller areas and has a reduced size when it is in an upright posture. But if you lay the device horizontally, it has a lower center of gravity and a larger size. This option lessens the possibility of falling and tends to make it more effective if there isn’t much room from above.

You will have to choose which approach works best for you. The option that fits in your room and leaves sufficient space is preferable.

FAQs On Xbox Series

Can you set the Xbox Series X on its side?

You can lay the Xbox Series X either horizontally or vertically. The console includes a stand that allows you to place it in either orientation.

Which position for your Xbox Series X is better, vertical or horizontal?

There is no good or bad solution to this query; it all relies on your particular preferences. Some think placing their Xbox Series X in a horizontal position is more convenient, while others like to lay it vertically. In the end, the choice of how to lay your console is entirely up to you.

Does the new Xbox become too hot?

The Xbox Series X may occasionally overheat because it is a gadget with complex electric circuitry like any other device. You should expect some heating if you’ve been playing games on the console for a prolonged period.

Can you lay the Xbox Series X horizontally?

There is no ideal method to set your Xbox Series X; it accepts horizontal and vertical configurations. Microsoft built the consoles such that they may operate in any position without risking component damage or performance degradation.

Is it possible to lay the Xbox One on its sides?

Yes, you can lay the Xbox One on its side. However, we don’t advise it. It might harm the console by causing it to overheat.

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