Can You Access Your Old Myspace?

Do you miss the good old days of Myspace? The era before the new social platforms came to be, the period when the iPhone was unheard of, and only Tom’s Myspace was the most loved social networking platform. Myspace came into existence in 2003, but its major boom was between 2005 to 2015, and almost everyone was on the platform, especially musicians and artists. Old is gold, and if you wonder if you can access your old Myspace, then you are right. It’s possible.

With Myspace, you could create your profile and access music and blogs to keep your soul alive as you network with your friends. Sadly, the platform’s popularity halted with the introduction of Facebook, which offered more features, making it a better alternative to Myspace.

If your account was public then it can easily be accessed using your username or email, and this guide covers the steps of accessing your old Myspace. So, why don’t you stick around and let’s explore it together?

Step-by-Step Guide To Access Your Old Myspace:

Yes, every Myspace account created still exists. Therefore, if your account is public, you can easily use your username or email and access your Myspace account to view your connections, photos, videos, etc. If your account is not public, you will need your username and password to log into your account, and from there, you can access your account details.

Besides, if your account is public, you don’t need your password to access the account. You can search it from the platform, and your account will come up for you to retrieve your details.

Do you remember your Myspace username? If yes, then the steps below will help you in finding your Myspace account.

  1. Start by opening your browser via PC/Computer and go to the official website of Myspace.
Myspace website
  1. Once the dashboard opens, locate the search option on the left and type your username on the search bar. Ensure you type the username correctly.
  2. Scroll to the left and get to the people section. You should find your old account associated with the username you entered there.
Can You Access Your old Myspace?
  1. Click on your account, and from its dashboard, there are various options to click, including photos, videos, etc.
Myspace profile

Bingo! You’ve successfully accessed your old Myspace account. I bet you’ve got some satisfaction from it. So, what if your account was private, or you can’t find it from the search results?

If that’s the case, do the following.

  1. Still, on the Myspace website, go to the homepage
  2. Scroll down and locate the Sign in option.
sign in to Myspace
  1. Click on it and enter your credentials, username/email, and password
  2. If you can’t remember the password, click the forgot password, and a reset link will get sent to the email associated with Myspace. Once received, reset your password and access your account.
recover password from Myspace

The two methods should work, provided you have your username/email and password. 


Is It Possible to Access My Deleted Myspace Account?

Myspace doesn’t offer a direct way of doing so. Here’s the kicker, though, if you have the email associated with the deleted Myspace account, you can use it to contact Myspace Help Center. Once on the page, submit a request asking them to help you retrieve your deleted account. Note that you are not guaranteed to recover the account, but customer care will guide you on what next and whether or not your account can be recovered.

Can I Delete My Old Myspace Account?

Yes, you can. However, you must have access to the account. Therefore, you must remember your account’s email/username and password to delete it. Log into your account and navigate to settings > Account. From the list of available options, click delete account and select your reason. Finally, click the delete my account button, and your account will seize to exist.

How Do I View My Myspace Account Without Email and Password?

The good news when it comes to Myspace is that your email or password is not a necessity when it comes to viewing your Myspace account. If you remember your username, that can help you retrieve your account.

Go to the Myspace website, and on the left panel of the dashboard, click the search option and type your username. Next, scroll to the right to get to the people’s section. You will see a list of accounts associated with the username entered there. Your account will appear there, and you can click on it to get more details.

How Do I Access My Private Myspace Account?

Myspace makes it easy for people to search their account if it was public with only their username or email. However, if your account is private, you can’t access it from the search results. Instead, you must log into your account using your email/username and password.

If you can’t remember the password, click the forgot password option, and Myspace will send a recovery link to the email associated with your Myspace account. That’s it. You can now recover your private account.

What Do I need to Access My Old Myspace Account?

To find your Myspace account, you must have your email/username to search for it. The case is different when you need to access the account. If that’s the case, you must have the email/username of the account and the password associated with it. If you can’t remember the password but have access to the email used to create your account, use the forgot password option to reset and access your account.


The era of using Myspace for networking is long gone, and currently, various giants rule the networking world, including Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Nonetheless, you can still find your old Myspace account using its username or email.

We’ve covered the steps of accessing your account; if you follow them keenly, you will easily access your Myspace account. 

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