Can You Cancel HelloFresh After Free Box?

Indeed, you can cancel HelloFresh after the free box. Free box is a freebie from HelloFresh for first-timers only, and it is a promotion policy that helps HelloFresh attract new prospects and increase sales.

You may want to cancel HelloFresh after your free box, even though the meal kit delivery service guarantees proper menu planning and delivery. You may be left curious about the possibility of doing so, but this guide will help your curiosity. Read on to know if you can cancel HelloFresh after the free box and the steps to do it.

What is HelloFresh Free Box Policy?

You can liken the free box promotion policy to referral programs where existing service users recommend the service to people around them or send them invitations to enjoy special offers. On HelloFresh, existing customers can send meals to their friends, and such friends can claim the offer for free, only that they must sign up for a HelloFresh subscription package. Though, the sender will not receive any compensation – unlike referral programs.

Signing up for a subscription package on HelloFresh increases the brand’s customer base, and you become a potential buyer who may wish to patronize them long-term if you enjoy the meal – which you are most likely to do.

However, you can cancel HelloFresh and avoid future charges if you do not like the brand’s service, have a lower budget than their offers, or wish to discontinue for other reasons.

Why Cancel HelloFresh After Free Box?

Signing up on HelloFresh to claim your free box as a new user involves adding your payment details which will attract charges to your card when you receive your first paid delivery. Therefore, you should cancel HelloFresh after claiming your free box to stop deliveries and avoid charges to your account.

What Happens When You Cancel HelloFresh After Free Box?

HelloFresh will not charge you or send you meals when you cancel your subscription within the official time frame. The brand’s policy requires you to cancel your subscription by 11:59 P.M. PST five days before your next scheduled delivery. For instance, if your delivery is scheduled for Tuesdays, you have up till the preceding Thursday’s midnight, 11:59 P.M. PST to be precise,  to cancel your subscription. 

Canceling your subscription in less than five days to the next delivery will not stop the delivery, and your card will also be charged. You can skip a couple of weeks to avoid being charged for those weeks or pause your subscription if you need to take a short break.

Process To Cancel HelloFresh After Free Box

Canceling HelloFresh after a  free box is not too difficult, but it may be tricky if you have never done it before or are new to the company’s services. You can cancel your account on the web or mobile or pause the account if you plan to patronize the brand again.

How To Cancel HelloFresh On Web?

It is pretty easy to cancel HelloFresh on the website with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Log In To Your Account

Log in to your HelloFresh account on the web. Enter your login details in the respective fields on the login page and click the Login button. You could log in with Facebook, Google, or Apple if you created your account with any of the handles.

Also, you can reset your password with the Forgot Password option if you can’t remember the password while signing up.

  • Step 2: Click Your Profile

You should see your HelloFresh dashboard after signing in. Click on your profile at the top right of the screen. Your profile button is a person icon with your name next to it.

  • Step 3: Account Settings

Clicking on the profile icon will drop down a menu bar to the right of the page. Click on Account settings at the top of this menu. This option contains your account information and lets you adjust the settings.

  • Step 4: Cancel Plan

The Plan Settings page should come next, where you can cancel your HelloFresh subscription. Scroll down the page (Plan Settings) to the status section at the bottom, and click on the Cancel Plan button.

  • Step 5: Confirm the Cancelation

HelloFresh would not want you to go; hence, you will see prompt advising you against leaving next. You will see tips and suggestions on other ways they can help you.

However, you have just one goal: to cancel HelloFresh after your free box. Therefore, click on the Cancel Anyway button just below the suggestions columns.

Step 6: Give A Reason Why You’re Canceling.

You will see a list of possible reasons for canceling HelloFresh on the next page. You need to select a reason for canceling your account from the list, and maybe, HelloFresh can help you. Next, click on Continue.

  • Step 7: Cancel Anyway

For the last time, HelloFresh will try to keep you from canceling your subscription, and you can skip a couple of weeks instead. You may consider this option if you change your mind; otherwise, click Cancel Anyway to continue.

  • Step 8: Send Feedback

You will see a notification on the screen stating that your subscription has been canceled. However, you should take the last step by typing your feedback in the text box and clicking the send feedback button.

HelloFresh will cancel your subscription, but you will be charged for one final delivery if it is less than five days away.

How To Cancel HelloFresh on the App?

You can easily cancel HelloFresh on the mobile app if you prefer the mobile interface to the web interface. The process is similar to the web option, and you can do it as follows:

  • Step 1: Sign In

Launch the mobile HelloFresh app on your device and log in with the required details.

  • Step 2: Profile

Tap the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your HelloFresh dashboard. Your profile is the person icon on this page.

  • Step 3: Account Settings

Next, select Account settings from the profile icon prompt, which will take you to your account information and settings.

  • Step 4: Plan Settings

Navigate through the Account Settings page to locate Plan settings. You should see a drop-down menu from there.

  • Step 5: Cancel Plan

Scroll down to the Status section on the Plan Settings page and click on the Cancel Plan button.

  • Step 6: Confirm

Confirm your cancelation on the next page by clicking Cancel Anyway. Next, follow the prompts to complete the process. However, you will be charged for the next delivery if it is less than five days before canceling the subscription.

How To Postpone HelloFresh After Free Box?

You can postpone HelloFresh if you do not want to cancel after your free box. Postponing HelloFresh lets you skip a couple of weeks, during which your card will not be charged, but you can only postpone a meal if you have up to five days to the delivery date. Follow the steps below to postpone HelloFresh.

  • Step 1: Log in to Your Account

Log in to your HelloFresh account from the company’s sign-in page. Enter your login details as required on the page, and click the Login button.

  •  Step 2: My Menu

You should be in your HelloFresh Menu or dashboard, where you can select weekly meal plans when you log in. Else, click on the My Menu tab at the top left of the page.

  • Step 3: Select the Meal to Postpone

In the HelloFresh Menu, select the meal you want to postpone at the top area of the page below the top tab.

  • Step 4: Edit Delivery

Click the Edit Delivery button under the menu dates section.

  • Step 5: Skip the Week

A prompt that lets you manage your delivery will drop down on the screen. Click skip this week, and you are done.

HelloFresh will not charge your card for the selected week if the delivery is still up to five days away, but you cannot edit a delivery due in four days or less.


You can cancel HelloFresh after a free box and skip deliveries to avoid charges to your card. However, you cannot cancel or skip a HelloFresh delivery in less than five days to the set date.

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