Can You Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Xbox One?

Bluetooth speakers are portable little soundboxes that aren’t wired to anything. If your screen is too far from your couch and you cannot peacefully enjoy any BGM of the games without blasting it, and making everyone around you mad, then a Bluetooth speaker can be your solution. Read below to learn if you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to Xbox one.

You may also learn how to utilize a USB headset on Xbox one.

Connecting Bluetooth Speakers to Xbox One: Step-by-Step Guide

As you might have figured out already, there’s no direct way to connect Bluetooth devices to Xbox One as it doesn’t have a standard III. That doesn’t mean you can’t work your way around it. There are several workarounds that you can adopt in this situation,

  1. Using a Bluetooth Transmitter
  2. Using Smartphone

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to xbox Through a Transmitter?

Step 1: Turn on the transmitter. You might find a button or toggle switch at the side of the device. Turn that on.

Step 2: Now, connect the Bluetooth transmitter with the Xbox using a USB power cord. Put the cord in the port that says “DC-IN” and back it up with the USB port at the back of the Xbox. The transmitter will power up and is ready for pairing.

Step 3: Bring your Bluetooth speaker very close to the transmitter after turning that on, so the devices can pair. Usually, it takes about a few seconds. When the blinking lights become stable, that’s the cue that it has paired. 

Step 4: Grab the optical cable that came with the transmitter. Connect it to the port labeled “Optical” and connect the other end to the Xbox. 

Step 5: Start gaming and enjoy clear music!

The advantage of using a transmitter is you can control the degree of latency through advanced Bluetooth devices, and the range can also be updated depending on how much you spend. After your Bluetooth speaker is connected, you can move around with it within the advised distance and still receive a clear audio feed. Note that if the transmitter gets disconnected, so will the Bluetooth speaker.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to Xbox using a smartphone?

You can also use your smartphone instead of a transmitter. Here’s how,

Step 1

Fire up your Xbox, and click on your profile icon on the top left.

Step 2

2: Scroll below, select Settings, and click “Device & connections.”

Step 3

Click “Remote features,” then check if the remote feature option is on. Check the box with “Enable remote features” title. And find “Power mode” from the right and ensure that it is set to “Instant-on.” This little maneuver will allow remote access to your access from other devices.

Step 4

Turn on the Bluetooth speaker; so it’s in pairing mode. 

Step 5

Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone; if the speaker doesn’t immediately show on available devices, perform a manual search and pair it with your phone.

Step 6

Download Xbox from App Store, install it and sign in to your Profile. 

Step 7

Tap on the connection option from the icons on the top right; it’ll have a small wi-fi logo. 

Step 8

Choose “Remote play on this device” from the bottom bar. And press “Continue.”

Step 9

Once you’ve established a link between your devices, you’ll be asked to connect to a controller. If you already have it connected, then press “Continue anyway.” Or you could manually connect it through “Bluetooth settings.”

Step 10

Navigate the interface by your controller; you should be able to hear the sound from your speaker. That means it has connected successfully.

Keep your phone and Bluetooth speaker at a reasonable distance so they don’t get unpaired, and that’s it! Although for this method to work without any trouble, make sure that the phone and your console are connected to the same wi-fi. And the router frequency is at least 5Ghz or more. And enjoy ceaseless gaming.

If your soundbox has an optical out program, you can choose to use the TOS link cable also. But before using it, make sure whether your Xbox console and the tv/pc are connected through HDMI cable. Otherwise, you won’t get any audio or video feed.


 Can I connect my headphones to Xbox One?

 Yes, you can! Whether it’s wired or wireless, you can find many ways to set up your headset. Wired ones need to be directly connected to the console’s port. To connect wireless headsets, follow the steps to how we connected Bluetooth speakers.

Why can’t I get my speakers to work with Xbox one?

Check whether the audio settings are botched. Sometimes while disconnecting the speaker from one device to another, the previous settings may accidentally be set to default, and you won’t have a pleasant experience then. You’ll have to change the settings then. The sound may also be muted, be sure to keep an eye out for that too.

Is there a mobile app for Xbox?

 There is! Now you can access your Xbox profile from your phone. Just go to your phone’s app store, then search for Xbox, and you’ll see an app with Xbox’s green icon, developed by Microsoft Corporation. Install it on your smartphone, log in to your account and stay connected to your friends and in-game updates anywhere.

Is the Xbox one compatible with Bluetooth?

Yes, Xbox One supports Bluetooth devices. However, you cannot directly find the option through roaming the “settings” section. There are a few workarounds to make Xbox compatible with Bluetooth devices. Such as, you can use Bluetooth dongles, optical transmitters, Bluetooth adapters, the Xbox app, etc., to connect the game to wireless tech.

Final Take

Bluetooth devices have taken portability to another level; you don’t have to sit close to the tv or pc to stay connected to music. Why should the gamers compromise, then? Follow the steps we discussed above and give your gaming experience an upgrade!

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