Can You Delete A Roblox Group?

If you play pc games or are a fan of it, you’re already well accustomed to this platform. In short, you can create, play and discuss games there. For that, you can create groups that can be seen on your profile. Read on to learn how to delete a Roblox group that you own. 

Stepwise guide to Delete a Roblox Group.

Roblox is an amusing platform for fun and sportive gamers to meet and interact. The “groups” feature helps people interested in the same genre to come together and collaborate. So, what if you’ve decided that one of your groups has run its course? And now you want to rid yourself of it. But can you delete a Roblox group? Let us see.

1: Log in to your Roblox account and click on “Groups” from the sidebar on the left.

2: Select the group you want to remove from your profile with a simple click.

3: It will prompt the groups’ intro wall to open; click the three dots on the top right.

4: Select “Configure Group” from the dropdown menu.

5: Click “Members” from the options list on the left.

6: A new page will open consisting of the profiles of all members. Go ahead and click the three dots just beside the members’ names.

7: Hit “Exile user” from the menu. Repeat the process to remove all members from the group.

8: Choose “Settings” to proceed with the termination of the group.

9: Under the “Join Requirements,” enable the manual approval option if it isn’t on already.

10: Now, go back to the group wall, and click on the 3 dots to expose the dropdown menu.

11: Select “Leave Group” from the options.

12: Confirm the selection by hitting “Yes” on the dialog box.

This is just about the only way how you can technically “delete” your Roblox group. However, the group won’t be deleted from the face of Roblox but will be removed from your account. The group will continue to exist without any owner and no members. As you enabled the manual approval, no new members will be able to join the group too. You may not want to remove the members but still want to leave the group. In that case, skip steps 5-7 and continue to step 8 from step 4. Then you won’t be the group’s owner anymore, and it won’t show in your profile. But if no one claims ownership, then the users who chose to stay may still use the group in a limited fashion. 

Steps to delete your Roblox chat group

And if you want to delete your Roblox chat group that you made by accident, is inactive, or one that you do not wish to be a part of anymore, then follow the simple steps below to delete it.

1: Sign in to your Roblox Account, and select “Messages” from the left sidebar.

2: Enter the chat group you want to delete from your inbox.

3: On the top right of the group chat box, click the “gear” icon.

4: It’ll trigger a menu box; hit “Leave Group.

5: Choose “Yes” on the confirmation popup to complete the process.

Now that you’ve left the group, it won’t appear on your chats anymore. The players will be able to see that you have left the chat.

Steps To Disable The Chatting Experience Altogether

1: Log in to your account and click on the gear icon.

2: Choose “Settings” from the menu.

3: A new page will open; select “Privacy” from the left sidebar.

4: In the “Contact Setting” segment, select “No one” in all the settings.

With that in place, no one will be able to message you till you have altered the settings. And you can enjoy a casual gaming experience without any interruptions. You can change the settings back at any time. 


Will I get my Robux back if I delete my group?

Unfortunately, you won’t. Once you’ve spent your Robux on something, it’s practically gone. Deleting to undo a purchase won’t refund your money. You might wanna sell your group for Robux, but that too is against Roblox TOS. So, it’s suggested that you properly research the product before making a purchase, which includes a group.

Do Roblox groups ever get expired?

It doesn’t. Even long after all the members have left, and the group is owned by no one, it won’t be deleted permanently. When you search for it, the group will come up. Although it’ll not be accessible, no one will be able to join the group or claim ownership, but it will be there.

What are the roles of group admin in Roblox?

It’s quite the responsibility. As an admin, you can control the environment of the group, and set the group’s name, description, requirements, and icons. It’s also your authority to control who joins the group and set or delete group roles and manage group funds. Group admin also manages the social links on descriptions.

How do I join a Roblox group as a member?

To join any Roblox group,  find that group – either through a link or search for that group by typing the name in the search box. Then click the “Join Group” button. You’ll be instantly added if the group doesn’t have any approval request settings up. 

Closing Remark

There isn’t any clear option in Roblox for a user to delete unwanted groups. The best alternative is to leave it without an owner, rendering it inactive and unusable. Although, now the Roblox admin community has been trying to get ahold of the closed groups. Hope the post helped you to delete the Roblox group from your profile. Happy gaming!

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