Can You Get Back A Deleted Instagram Account?

Have you accidentally or intentionally deleted your Instagram account and now realize that you still need it? Do you want to recover your Instagram account? Then this is the right platform for you to answer your question, Stick with us till the end, and you will know to recover your deleted Instagram account in no time. 

You also need to beware of the fraudulent websites and pages that claim to recover your Instagram account. The Instagram official team can only retrieve an Instagram account by all means. Do not risk your privacy by handling your credentials to the Fraudulent. 

How Can You Get Back A Deleted Instagram Account Easily

According to Instagram policy, deletion with credentials will not let you restore your account. Whether you delete it or someone with your credentials.

Instagram can ban, delete, or disable accounts. In this case, you can recover your account by following the steps. Moreover, you can retrieve hacked accounts in a few steps. Follow these steps to recover. Learn why Instagram disables an account to be an ethical user.

Step 1- Open Instagram Login Page

Now that your account has been banned, deleted, or disabled by Instagram, you cannot log in to your account. But you can visit the login page of Instagram. It will help you to move ahead with the other process. 

Instagram Login Page

Step 2- Enter Your Username Or Password.

You will see two empty bars on your screen that says username and password. Enter your username or password that you saved for your account. You will see the option of “Forgot password” under your login credentials. Tap on the link “Forgot password.” This will help you to reset your password. Try to see if the option of “Forgot password” works. 

Instagram Username Or Password.

Step 3- Contact the Support Team.

You can see a link in “Forgot password” that will take you to the page of Instagram technical support. There you can see some questions on the link. You need to answer these questions as per requirement. 

instagram help center

Step 4- Write Your Credentials.

You can see a form opened on your screen. You need to fill in your deleted Instagram account details in that form. This will help you to recover your account. If the account was not yours, then add the owner’s credentials. 

Instagram account details

Step 5- Add your Email

You must provide the email address you used in the deleted Instagram account. The email address was also the username of your Instagram account. 

provide the email address used in Instagram

Step 6- Select Your Country

You will see a question that asks you, “what country are you contacting us from?” Answer correctly with the present country you are living in. If you belong to any other country and are currently living abroad, then provide the name of the country where you are presently living. 

instagram help center

What Happens Next To Get Back Instagram Account?

These are the steps to contact the Instagram support team to retrieve your banned, disabled, or permanently deleted Instagram account. Now that you have sent a complaint to get back your Instagram account to the Instagram support team, wait patiently for their response.

The Instagram support team will respond to you via email within 48 hours of your complaint. That email will have consisted of a two numbered code and some basic instructions to follow to get your account back. Follow these steps when you get an email from the Instagram technical support team. 

Instagram support team  response

Wait To Recover Deleted Account

Instagram can compromise or disable your account temporarily due to some reasons. You need to wait for 2 to 3 days patiently for the recovery process of your Instagram account. After that, the Instagram technical support team will send you a link via email that can restore your Instagram account. You can use it to log in to your Instagram account.


Is it possible to retrieve or recover a permanently deleted account of Instagram that was hacked?

If your Instagram account got hacked and later deleted by someone other than you, then you can recover it by contacting the Instagram technical support team.

Does Instagram deletes or disables any account of the regular user without any warning?

Instagram can disable your account if you violate or breach the privacy rules and policies of Instagram. Your account can get banned by Instagram if you share hate speech, obscene posts, or triggered violent posts. On the other hand, if a group of other people reports your account frequently, then your account can also be banned by Instagram. 

Why the line “URL not found” is popping up when I’m trying to submit the Instagram contact?

If you are seeing the error of URL not found, there are high chances that your Instagram account has been deleted permanently. You cannot restore it anymore by any means. 


To recover your deleted Instagram account this is the right article to tell you ways to fix it. You can now stop asking yourself Can you get back a deleted Instagram account? Because the answer is yes. You must follow some terms and conditions and get back into the game with your old Instagram account.

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