Can you have 2 Facebook accounts on the same phone?

According to Facebook policies, a person should not create more than one personal account. If you are running a business and want to get it on social media, then you must create a Facebook page from your personal profile. But in some scenarios, a person may need to log in to his account on someone else mobile where his account is already logged in. Now you must be thinking, how can you have 2 Facebook accounts on the same phone? Then here is the best guide for you. You might disable any excess account on your device as well as you can get back a disabled Facebook account anytime you want.

Method 1: to log in to two Facebook accounts on the same phone:

You can install the Facebook application and its lighter version from the play store and log in to one account in a normal Facebook app and the second in the lite version. This way, both of your accounts will be logged in on the same phone at the same time. But in Facebook lite, there are a few limitations that may limit your use.

Method 2: to log in to two Facebook accounts on the same phone:

This method can be used to log in to the three Facebook accounts simultaneously from the same phone. First, you need to update your google chrome, then install Facebook regular version and the lite version both. Now log in to two accounts in regular and lite Facebook each and open google chrome. Open the third facebook account in google chrome by searching

chrome menu

For a better experience, you can select the view as a desktop option from settings on google chrome.

Steps to login 2 Facebook accounts on a computer at the same time:

  1. First, install google chrome.
  2. Click on a user icon next to the three dots.
  3. Click the Add from the very end of the opened menu.
  4. Click on continue without an account
  5. Set the name and color and click done.
  6. Now you have two google chrome, you can log in to two different Facebook accounts at the same time.

You can also install two different browsers like opera and google chrome and login into two different accounts in them without creating extra profiles.

Steps to login 2 Facebook accounts on the same phone

  1. First, open the play store and search for Facebook.
  2. Download the Facebook app.
play store Facebook download
  1. Now search again for Facebook lite and install it too.
install Facebook lite from play store
  1. Now open each application one by one and log in to two different accounts.


How many Facebook accounts can you have on one phone?

According to Facebook policies, a person can create only one personal account on Facebook and must not have more than one account on his email or phone number. But if you want to log in to the accounts of two different people then you can open as many as you can there are no limitations.

How does Facebook know if you have multiple accounts?

Facebook traces the IP address of accounts, and through that, accounts having the same IDs can be traced afterward if the account traced are at the same location and have the same details, then it is the green signal for Facebook that both accounts belong to the same person and without informing you, Facebook can delete or restrict that accounts.

What happens if you have two Facebook accounts?

AI nowadays is very good at scanning, So if you have multiple Facebook accounts and using them on the same IP address on the same phone, then your accounts will be banned very soon. Facebook allows its users to create only one personal account. If the user wants to create an account for a business, then Facebook has introduced the page’s features. A person can create unlimited pages on Facebook and bring his business online to his one account.

Can you use the same email address for two Facebook accounts?

No, Facebook allows users to create one account on each email. If you somehow create two accounts on the same email, you just created a mess. Now, whenever you will log into Facebook, it will automatically log in to any account. You will not be able to control your accounts.
For business accounts, Instead of creating multiple emails and accounts, you can create pages in your personal Facebook account.


We don’t recommend having multiple accounts, as Facebook will ban both of your accounts. But if you want to log in to two different person accounts on the same phone, then it is safe. And you can do it by following any method mentioned above.

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