Can you have a messenger without Facebook?

The simplest answer is there is no such way to use a messenger account without Facebook. To do so, you must create a Facebook account and leave it as it is. You can install a separate messenger application from the Play Store, and on the desktop, you can open Messenger with your Facebook account login details.

You may also query, “can I have 2 Facebook accounts on the same phone“.

Steps to use Messenger without using Facebook on mobile:

Remember that, to use messenger, you must have an account on Facebook. Now, follow the steps.

  1. Create a Facebook account and enter all the details they ask you.
  2. Then go to the play store and search for Messenger.
  3. Click on install and allow the app to get installed.
go to the play store and search for Messenger
  1. Once installed, close the play store and open the messenger application.
  2. Now login with your account details; you don’t need a Facebook application to run Messenger. You can uninstall a Facebook application.

But make sure not to delete your Facebook account. If you delete your Facebook account, all data and messages for Messenger will also be deleted.

Steps to use Messenger without using Facebook on PC:

  1. Create a Facebook account in any browser on the desktop.
  2. Now Open a new tab and search for
Create a Facebook account in any browser on the desktop.
  1. Log in to Messenger using your Facebook account login details.
  2. And now, you can close your Facebook account tab and use Messenger.

What does using Messenger without Facebook mean?

These two apps are part of the same social media platform, Meta. But many users don’t want to use Facebook. They want to chat through the messenger application, and there isn’t anything wrong with this. Instagram is widely used for social media ads, but Messenger is synced with it. In this way, Messenger is being used by a user, but the Facebook account isn’t.

How can I use Messenger without the app?

You can use Messenger without an application on mobile by opening the messenger website in your browser. Go to and log in with your account details, and you will be logged in to your account without installing and using the messenger application.

How can I get messages without Messenger?

There are tons of applications on the Play store which are used for messaging. Some popular posts are Whatsapp, Imo, Chit Chat and google hangout. Suppose you don’t want to use messenger. In that case, you can shift to Instagram messaging, which is very similar to Facebook messenger, or you can switch the application with the messaging apps mentioned above.

What Happens to Messenger If You Delete or Deactivate FB account?

If you are planning to delete or deactivate your Facebook account and want to know what will happen to your messenger application, then you can deactivate it without any hesitation. Deactivation and deleting will not delete your data from messenger, and you will still be able to message anyone with that account. Other users will also be able to search you by your username.

Can I Use Messenger Without Facebook on my Computer?

Yes, You don’t need any application to run these two apps on a PC. But you must create your Facebook account to get access to the messenger. So to use it on pc, go to and log in with your account details.

Another way is to install a mobile emulator on


This article has provided all the necessary information and steps to be followed in a detailed form. We hope that it was quite helpful to have solutions to your answer.

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