Can You Make Another DoorDash Account After Being Deactivated?

While most users have a rough time with DoorDash as their accounts get deactivated, everyone is asking whether it’s possible to create another DoorDash account after their old one is deactivated. This article details the question and explains how you can work around DoorDash account deactivation.

Is It Possible to Create Another DoorDash Account After Being Deactivated?

Yes, it’s possible. According to DoorDash, they deactivate any accounts they consider to have violated various regulations. The more violations you face, the higher your chances of deactivating your account.

Can You Make Another DoorDash Account After Being Deactivated

Are you troubled with your DoorDash deactivation? Here’s the good news; there is no limit on the number of DoorDash accounts a person can have. Therefore, you can optionally create another DoorDash account after your old one gets deactivated. Before you consider making a new one, try appealing to DoorDash about your deactivated account.

However, I don’t have high hopes as most appeals hit a dead end. The only thing with creating a new DoorDash is that you must use a new email, not the one associated with the deactivated account. So, if you can get a new account, go ahead and create a new DoorDash account

Create a new DoorDash account

What are the Reasons Behind Deactivation of DoorDash Account?

While that helps in quickly getting a new DoorDash account, let’s see what caused your account to get deactivated to avoid a future reoccurrence of the incident to your new account.

  1. Platform Abuse

Any activity that seems like you are abusing the DoorDash platform is prohibited. It could be anything from how you store items to the number of accounts you host under one person. All those are deemed inappropriate use of the platform.

  1. Cancellation Rate

While you can accept deliveries at will, the problem comes in when you get cancellations. DoorDash takes cancellation as a blow to its reputation. Therefore, the more cancelations you get, your account will likely be deactivated.

  1. Consumer Ratings

Consumers have the option of rating the deliveries and services that you offer them. The rating is based on behavior and punctuality. Therefore, if you have issues with your customers, they may give you poor ratings. Anything below 4.2 puts your account at risk of deactivation. 

If you want to retain your account, consider the three aspects presented above. That said, enjoy your new DoorDash account!

FAQs on DoorDash Account Deactivation

Can Someone Apply for a New DoorDash After Deactivation?

Unfortunately, DoorDash deactivations have no reversal, and the process is permanent. However, if you are lucky, you can apply for an appeal, and if your appeal goes through, you may regain your account. Once deactivated, you may get instructions to appeal on your email, but that’s still not guaranteed, and some deactivations happen with no warning, and you can’t even appeal.

Why Is My DoorDash Deactivated?

It’s unfortunate when your DoorDash gets deactivated, but the main cause is a violation of their rules and regulations. Other causes include many customer complaints, poor ratings on your order completion, and if you are having too many low customer ratings. However, your account won’t get deactivated automatically. It takes a few violations before your account gets permanently deactivated.

How Do I Recover My Deactivated DoorDash?

It’s almost impossible to recover a deactivated DoorDash as every deactivation is made permanently. However, you can try your luck by filing an appeal, and if lucky, DoorDash will review your appeal. If they find your violation minor, they may consider reactivating your account. But that rarely happens.

How Long Do Appeals Take at DoorDash?

DoorDash appeals, unfortunately, are not the fastest around. It could take you around two weeks before getting a response. So, before making your appeal know that you must be patient and avoid making another appeal until you get a response for your first appeal. 

Can I Subcontract My DoorDash?

Yes, you can. DoorDash allows someone to use your DoorDash account. However, they must pass a background check to confirm their claim and whether they can use your DoorDash or not. So, if you want to use your DoorDash with someone, contact DoorDash and follow their instructions.


Many people have issues with DoorDash, and getting a DoorDash account deactivated is not new. If you have issues with your DoorDash account, know that the deactivations are permanent. However, try your lack appealing. If that doesn’t work, consider creating a new DoorDash account using new details unrelated to the deactivated account.

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