Can You Play Escape From Tarkov On Xbox?

Escape from Tarkov has been one of the most wanted games on PC and Consoles. Since the game is under development for PC, people have been trying out the beta on PC and waiting for it to release on PC. Xbox gamers have wondered if the game will be released for the console and if it is under development. This article will discuss whether you can play Escape from Tarkov on Xbox.

Is the Escape from Tarkov Available on Xbox?

The Escape from Tarkov is not yet available on Xbox or other consoles. The game is still running betas, and the entire game is not yet out. If you want to access the game, you can pre-order then the game and then access the beta.

Since the game is still in the development phase and hasn’t even finished for the PC version, which explains why it is only available currently on PC, although developers have been considering the game’s console version, there is no official announcement.

The game hasn’t been finished for the PC, so it might take a while for them to release a console version. After the game is completed on PC, the developers might release a console version too.

Due to the game’s hype, there is a petition for the game on consoles. It is still early to tell when the game might be launched. Undoubtedly, the game will be released on Xbox.

How can you play Escape from Tarkov on Xbox?

Due to the great mechanics of the game and the smooth gameplay, many gamers have been waiting to play the game on their consoles. Likewise, many people have been waiting for the game to be released fully on PC and consoles. The PC version is still in development, and there is no announcement for the console version. But since the game is under development, you can access its beta version and try it out on your PC. Although you can’t play the game on your Xbox, here is how you can try out the beta on your PC:

  1. Open your Browser and open the Escape from the Tarkov website.
  2. Navigate to the Pre Order Page.
Navigate to the Pre Order Page
  1. There are four different versions of the game: Standard Edition, Left Behind Edition, Prepare for Escape Edition, and Edge of Darkness Limited Edition.
Standard Edition, Left Behind Edition, Prepare for Escape Edition, and Edge of Darkness Limited Edition
  1. Select the Edition you wish to download and Click on the Pre-order button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Now, Register or Log-in into your account and confirm your purchase.
Register or Log-in in to your account and confirm your purchase
  1. Download the game, and you can enjoy the beta version of the game.

FAQs On Escape From Tarkov

Can I Download Escape From Tarkov From Steam?

You cannot download Escape from Tarkov from other platforms like Steam and Epic Games.
To download the game, you can do it through their official website after pre-ordering the game. You can download different game editions from the website, but it is not available on other platforms.

Is Escape From Tarkov Free?

No, the game is not free. When you look at the Pre-Order page, the game starts at $44.99 and goes up to $139.99. So the game is not free and certainly not affordable too. To access the beta version, you must pre-order the game and pay for the edition you wish to download.

Can I Play Escape From Tarkov on Playstation?

As we said earlier, the game is only available on PC and not on Playstation or other Consoles. The game’s development hasn’t even finished for PC, but PC users can pre-order and access the beta version. Talking about the game on Playstation, there is no official announcement of the game’s release date for the Console, and also, we don’t know if the game will be released for console gamers.

Is Escape from Tarkov a PC-only game?

Currently, the game is under development for the PC version, and PC gamers can access the beta version and try it out. In addition, you can pre-order the game from its official website to try it out on PC. In an interview about other platforms, the developers said they considered the game console version a while back. However, there is still no official game announcement for any other platforms.

What other games are similar to Escape from Tarkov?

Since Escape from Tarkov isn’t available on Consoles and only the beta version is available on PC, there are other similar games you can try before the release of Escape from Tarkov on your platform. Other similar games include The Cycle: Frontier, DayZ, Arma 3, Valorant, Hunt: Showdown, Star Citizen, and Ready or Not.

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