Can You Play God Of War On Xbox?

Are you a massive fan of the game God of War? Do you want to know if you Can play God of war on Xbox or not? This article will guide you if you want to get your answers. As God of War is not a native game for Xbox, players are curious to know if there is any way to play God of War on Xbox.

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Can You Play God Of War On Xbox?

Yes, you can play God of War on Xbox as it landed on steam earlier this year. Now you can raise your Leviathan Axe by using the Xbox controllers. It is a significant achievement for the gaming world and the gamers. 

God of War is originally for PlayStation 4 console. Later on, a port of Microsoft Windows was released in 2018. Now you can grab your controller of Xbox and start playing God of War.

How To Play God Of War On Xbox?

God of War is undoubtedly among the best games of the season. You miss so much fun if you are not playing God of War. Here are some tips and tricks you need to follow if you want to play God of War successfully. Let’s start. 

Explore the Game

The God of War makes the most minor consequential locations. Choosing the wandering side mission will give you character moments, a story, etc. You need to explore the game before starting it off. 

Play pseudo-boss fights on the tiny islands on the puzzles. Look after the dead ends carefully as they always have a lot to offer.

Odin’s Ravens

You would be lucky if you find Odin’s Ravens. Also, you will see the entirety of God of War’s world. You will point more and more if you find and hunt these hidden creatures of Odin’s Ravens. This will be your opportunity for sightseeing and get your bearings altogether.

Listen to the stories of the Characters

We strongly recommend you let the character finish their stories at Kratos’s canoe or in the shops. You will get a strong background story that will help you win ahead. 

Do not Overlook the Late Game Treasure.

You will see a lot of locked boxes, puzzled paths, and mysterious tombs. Here you can earn a lot of treasure from such places but not immediately. You will learn the ways or methods to unlock or entering in these areas later in the game.

Enter the Odin’s Chamber

If you have successfully found the way to enter inside Odin’s Chamber in the game, go down through the hall and keep on going until you find a secret gateway. From there, your post-game fights will begin. 

Avoid Optional fights.

Some fights in God of War are optional and hard to win initially as you do not have enough weapons and treasures. These are known as Redacted Minibosses. You better leave these fights. 

This can reduce your rank. As soon as you unlock the treasures, you will see a lot of opportunities to get back to these fights.


What consoles do you need to play God of War?

You can play the series of God of War on PS2, PS3, and PS4 consoles. 

Can I play God of War using the Xbox controller?

Yes, you can use the Xbox controller to play God of War. Initially, this game was developed to play with a controller. You can learn to use the Xbox controller to play God of War in small and easy steps. 

Can I play God of War on my Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, we do not have a piece of welcoming news about this. You cannot play God of War on Xbox 360. The first copy of God of War was released in 2005 for PS2. However, God of War III was released in 2010 for PS3. Until now, there is no news for Xbox 360 players to play God of War. 

Will there be a new series of God of War 5 for PS4?

There is no confirmed announcement yet if God of War 5 is coming to PS4. Although the first 4 series were released for the PlayStation consoles, and the recent God of War series was released for PS4. The next game in line will be released on the flagship console. 

Summing Up

The games are changing the world. There are enormous gamers all around the globe with furious, adventurous, and fast games. So there is good news for the players that they can play this game of War on Xbox. The Xbox controller works for God of War. 

It is a 9-10 hours long game. You can play with friends and other teammates to have fun. Spend your free time on the weekend by playing God of war. Enjoy your gaming.

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