Can You Play Keyboard And Mouse On Xbox Apex Legends?

Apex Legend is a popular FPS game available for most platforms, including consoles, PCs, and even mobile. You can play the game on any platform and cross-platform with other gamers. This article includes a detailed guide on Can You Play Keyboard And Mouse On Xbox Apex Legends.

Being an FPS game, many of us might wonder if the game supports Keyboard and mouse on a console. Cross-playing the game by a console gamer with a PC gamer keeps the console gamer at a disadvantage without a keyboard and mouse.

So in this article, we will discuss whether you can play Apex Legends with Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox.

Can you play Apex Legends with Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox?

Many of us might think you can just plug your keyboard and mouse into your console and get ready to play Apex legends. Some of us might have even tried it but could do anything.

Apex Legends doesn’t support a keyboard and mouse on Xbox or any other console. Although you might have played other games like Black Ops Cold War and Fortnite using your Keyboard and mouse as they fully support the inputs. But you can’t do anything on Apex Legends with your keyboard on the mouse.

Alternatives to play Apex Legends with Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox

Although multiple third-party platforms claim to allow you to play Apex Legends with a keyboard and mouse on your Xbox, most people don’t recommend using such third-party platforms. Most such platforms are scammy, cheap, and might have other flaws.

One of the essential reasons why we are against using such third-party apps is because of the input delay. You can’t use your keyboard and mouse as expected and might face a significant input delay. A Delay of any sort in a game is a major turn-off for any gamer.

You already have the Xbox and the controller to play the game. Buying third-party apps to help you play Apex Legends with a keyboard and mouse is not worth it. You can use the money to buy other fun games.

Using Keyboard and mouse on a console is also considered cheating by some people, and it is not a good look for you as a gamer.

Will Apex Legends support a keyboard and mouse in the future?

There is no notice or update from Respawn about letting users play Apex Legends with a keyboard and mouse. They also haven’t hinted about it, so there is no way anyone can tell that they will add Keyboard and mouse support in the future. If they add the feature, you will know it through us.

FAQs On Apex Legends

Does Apex allow a controller on a PC?

Yes, you can easily play Apex Legends through a controller on a PC. Although the game doesn’t support a keyboard and mouse on Consoles, it supports both controller and keyboard and mouse on PC. Most FPS games are easy to play via a keyboard and mouse, so it is better to play Apex Legends through Keyboard and mouse on a PC than a controller, which keeps them at a slight disadvantage.

Is there an aim to assist in Apex Legends?

Yes, there is aim assists in Apex Legends, and gamers who use controllers can toggle on/off aim assist in Apex Legends. Like most FPS games, Apes Legend also has an aim assist setting to give users a better aim in the game. Since PC gamers who use a keyboard and mouse have a slight advantage in the game compared to gamers who play with a controller, Apex Legend only has aim assists for users who play with a controller. So, if you want to turn on aim assist on Apex Legends PC, you must use a controller to play the game. 

Can I play Apex Legends both on Steam and Origin?

Yes, you can play Apex Legends both on Steam and Origin. Gamers can use the same linked account to play Apex Legends on both platforms, but it is better not to launch Apex Legends simultaneously. Launching the game simultaneously on the platforms might lead to issues in the game’s progression. Besides this, you can easily switch better playing Apex Legends on Steam and origin.

Does Apex Legends Mobile have controller support?

Apex Legends Mobile supports a controller only semi-officially, meaning the developers have said that the global launch has no controller support. Still, many players are seen playing with a controller. 
It has no toggle for a controller, but when you connect a controller to your mobile, it will automatically be enabled in the game. But, before you start playing Apex Mobile Legends with a controller, test it properly, as some features might not work as the game doesn’t officially support a controller.

How do Apex Legends handle cheaters/hackers?

Apex Legends takes hacking and cheating seriously, wanting to make the game fun for everyone. They have employed various ways to track and avoid cheating/hacking on the platform. If any account is found cheating, EA takes strict action against them according to the User Agreement. 
The game uses Kamu Easy Anti-Cheat on PC and the built-in anti-cheat on consoles like Xbox and PS4. The main goal is to make the game fun and fair for all gamers, and if you suspect any cheating, you can directly report it.

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