Can You Remove Things From The Bank Statement?

Your bank statements reflect your financial transactions and cash flows during a specified period. It contains crucial information such as deposits, withdrawals, and fund transfers. It also shows some of your personal information to identify the owner of that particular report. Here, we’ll discuss the possibility of changing the information shown in your bank statement. This article includes a detailed guide on Can You Remove Things From The Bank Statement?

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Deleting Bank Statements

It is not legally possible to delete your financial statements for whatever reason, even if they are from the distant past. Bank statements are considered legal documents and can serve as evidence in court when necessary. 

Your bank statement can be requested through a subpoena and can be used for civil or even criminal proceedings. It is inadvisable and may even be considered suspicious if the court finds you attempting to erase or alter your bank statements.

Deleting Bank Transactions

In the same way as bank statements, individual transactions should not be altered or removed from your statements. Doing so may incur penalties or even litigations against you. 

Revising Personal Information

If you simply want to change your personal information, then you can do so. There are many reasons to change information. For example, you may have changed your civil status or moved to a different address.

If you want to update your information, you must visit your bank and request an update of your personal information.

The bank may request some documentation depending on what kind of information you want to have changed.

Note, however, that these changes will not be retroactive and will only apply to statements following your update of information.

Filtering Information

If you are looking for specific information, like the total amount withdrawn within a certain period, then you can access this information online.

Visit your bank’s app or website and pull up your account. Many banks offer interfaces that let you filter through your transaction history. 

FAQs On Altering Bank Statements

What is the penalty for altering bank statements?

Bank fraud is penalizable by up to 30 years in prison and a fine reaching 1 million. Additionally, you can also be charged with forgery or counterfeiting, whose penalty varies in different states. 

Where can I request my bank statement?

You can request a bank statement from your local bank or online. Some banks also mail bank statements every month.

Can I access someone else’s bank statement?

Only the account holder themselves can access a bank statement. It can be possible to have someone else request this with the right identification and proof of authorization, but this varies based on the bank’s policy.

What information can I change in my banking details?

You can update details like your civil status, address, email, or contact numbers.

Is there a penalty for providing false information in my banking details?

Yes, you can be accused of bank fraud, forgery, false writing, and/or counterfeiting based on the extent and nature of your offense.

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