Can You Sign Out Of Fortnite On PS4?

Yes. Fortnite is a game that has taken off in the last few months, especially with the release of their Battle Royale mode. However, some questions about how this game works and what you can do inside it. One question that comes up frequently is whether or not you can sign out of Fortnite on PS4.

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Is it Possible to Sign Out Of Fortnite on PS4?

The short answer is yes. You can sign out of Fortnite on PS4. By uninstalling the game from your PS4, you can recover your account and re-load it from the Epic Games website.

This is a way to preserve progress across multiple accounts. If you’ve set up more than one PSN account on your PS4, this will ensure all associated games are signed into the correct accounts when they’re launched.

Do You Need To Know How To Sign Out Of Fortnite On PS4?

There are a couple of reasons you might want to know how to sign out of Fortnite on PS4, the most obvious being if you have multiple accounts. If you have more than one profile on the same console, then you must be able to log out of each account individually so that your friends don’t accidentally play against someone else who is signed into their profile.

Another reason why it would be helpful for some players is if they were planning on playing with someone else later in the evening but forgot about their plans until after they had already started playing alone. Not only does this hinder them from being able to play together as soon as possible because their friend isn’t going through all of these steps themselves. It also prevents them from possibly having fun until later tonight, when they can finally get around to doing these things again.

How To Sign Out Without Losing The Progress?

If you want to sign out of an account on your PS4 without losing progress, you should set that account as a “guest.” The guest account is not the same as the guest mode, allowing guests to play multiplayer games with other users. Instead, the guest account will enable anyone who uses it to access all of the features available on a user’s console—including parental controls and separate libraries for each profile—while leaving their information untouched. You can set up a guest account on your PS4 by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Users > Add User or Sign In as Guest
  • Select Sign in Using [Your Primary Account]. If this option does not appear, try signing in using another method (e.g., Facebook login).
  • Enter your credentials; if successful, you will now see two accounts listed along with options allowing you to switch between them. Clicking “Switch Accounts” at any time will return you here, where both accounts will be displayed again so that switching between them doesn’t require re-entering login details every time.

Of course, when playing with a guest account, your progress and purchases will not be transferred to your main account. You can’t transfer progress, purchases, or account information between PS4s.

How to activate Fortnite’s cross-save feature?

Since Fortnite is a free-to-play game, it makes sense that you could have multiple accounts on different consoles. But as we’ve already established, Fortnite doesn’t support cross-console play. So when playing with a guest account, your progress and purchases will not be transferred to your main account. This also means that you can’t log out of one PS4 and sign into another without creating a new user profile on each console if you want to keep playing the same character (you still won’t get any rewards for doing so).

One way to preserve progress across multiple accounts is to activate Fortnite’s cross-save feature. This allows you to play on your PS4 and mobile device simultaneously or on different devices. To do so:

  • Go into the game settings menu and select “Save Data.”
  • Choose the “Cross Save” option.
  • Select which platform you want to save for (i.e., PC).

To sign out of Fortnite on PS4, go to “Accounts,” then “Login Settings,” and choose “Log Out Everywhere.” This will log you out of every console and device on which you’re currently signed. If you want to keep playing Fortnite but log out temporarily so someone else can use your account, press the PS button on your controller while signing into PSN, select Sign-Out, then confirm your choice.

There Is A Way To Sign Out Of Fortnite On PS4, But It’s Not Obvious.

It’s easy to sign out of Fortnite on the PS4 and re-enter your account on your console. But this will not affect any progress or purchases you have made. If you are having issues signing out of Fortnite on PS4, a couple of things can cause this. To begin with, the Epic Games servers may be down or overloaded. If this is the case, try again later when the servers might be back up and running smoothly again.


Sometimes the situation might warrant knowing simple things like knowing how to sign out of your Fortnite on PS4. You need to be sure that your progress and purchases are well secured at all times.

If you want to avoid any problems with signing in and out of Fortnite on PS4, uninstall and reinstall the game from its official website. This process does not require an active PlayStation Plus membership, so feel free to give it a go if nothing else has worked for you.

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