Can You Use GameStop Reward Certificates Online?

GameStop is an American gaming merchandise retailer, consumer electronics, and video game service headquartered in Grapevine, Texas. By ranking, GameStop continues to consolidate itself as the largest retail game service worldwide. Many users wonder if they can use GameStop reward certificates online.

If you have a GameStop reward and want to spend it online but aren’t sure if it’s possible, you’ll find the answer to your quest in this article.

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Can You Use GameStop Reward Certificates Online?

Yes, you can use GameStop reward certificates online. These reward certificates can purchase hardware, collectibles, video games, accessories, or digital products online.

Steps To Use GameStop Reward Certificates Online

Over the years, GameStop’s reliability has experienced growth, and its reward certificates have kept its users coming back whenever they need a gaming service.

If you have a GameStop reward certificate, follow the steps below to redeem your certificate online.

Step 1

Open your browser and go to the GameStop Website.

Step 2

Login to your GameStop Account.

Step 3

Click on Powerup Rewards.

Step 4

Click on Reward Center.

Step 5

Click on Digital Currency.

Step 6

Click on the Reward Certificate you want to redeem and follow the prompts.

That’s all you need to do, and you’ve redeemed your GameStop continues.

Tips On How To Get Free GameStop Rewards

  1. Upgrade your membership level.
  1. Make trades at GameStop.
  1. Check-in at GameStop outlets.
  1. Ensure that your profile is 100% complete.
  1. Take part in the GameStop online survey.


What Can I Use My GameStop Reward Certificates For?

GameStop reward certificates can purchase various gaming-related items like video games, toys, collectibles, electronics, consoles, and lots more. This reward is available for redemption at any GameStop reward certificate participating outlet in the US and on the GameStop official website.

How Do I Use My Gamestop Coupon Online?

Go to the GameStop official website to redeem your GameStop reward coupon online. Add the title of the game or item you want to purchase with your coupon into your shopping cart. Proceed to the checkout page and paste your code into the GameStop promo code text box.

Can You Use GameStop Reward Certificates On Preorders?

There are many ways to spend your GameStop reward certificate, but not on preorders or gift cards. GameStop users who sign up for the pro level will get an instant $5 reward, but they can’t use it for product preorders.

How Are GameStop Reward Points Calculated In Terms Of Their Monetary Value?

Some points are expected of you to accumulate before you can get a currency equivalent to the points. Here’s how to calculate them: 5,000 points give a $5 certificate value: and 10,000 gives a $10 certificate value. 15,000 points give a $15 certificate value, and 25,000 points give a $25 certificate value.

Does GameStop’s Monthly $5 Reward Expire?

The GameStop monthly $5 reward expires at the end of every month if not used. If you still have second thoughts about using it, don’t keep thinking about it. Use the reward to purchase items from GameStop before it expires.


The reward system of GameStop is fascinating and gives double the value for money spent on gaming. At the end of this article, you’ve known that you can use the GameStop reward certificate online. We’ve also shown you how to redeem these rewards too. Feel free to share this article. In the comment section, you can ask questions, and we’ll answer them in our next article.

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