Can You Utilize USB Headset on Xbox One?

Can I utilize a USB headset on my Xbox One?” Everyone who owns the Xbox One and wishes to relax on their couch and play games raise this question. We believe you’ll also be curious to learn the answer to this query. This article comprises a thorough guide on using a USB headset on the Xbox One. For more information, keep reading. Read the article till the end to get the answer to your query – “Can You Utilize USB Headset on Xbox One?”

Direct USB Headset Connection to Xbox One

The Xbox One device can be linked to a headset of USB. However, remember that an Xbox One will only take headphones for gaming and models built specifically for it. It is due to Microsoft using custom communication chips in the panel. These chips only permit particular USB devices, and even then, only those compatible with the console. Therefore, if your USB headset does not meet these requirements, it will not function.

You can connect your USB headphone effectively if it is a game headset designed exclusively for the Xbox One. It is easy to connect the USB headset. The console has three USB ports into which you must insert USB headphones. You only need to do that to start playing games.

Alternate Way

The Extra Stereo Headset Adapter or USB Dongle, which enables you to enter the USB headphone connector into the adapter and adjust the audio input to transform your other wireless headsets into Xbox gaming headsets, offers an alternate method for using a regular headset of USB on the Xbox One.

To connect the headset to Xbox One, follow these two easy steps:

  1. Insert the USB Dongle into the expansion connector on the controller of Xbox One.
  2. You can start playing right away by connecting the adapter to the headset of your choice. In this way, your typical USB headset is converted into the headset of an Xbox one.

Keep in mind that you won’t be capable of utilizing the USB connection on your computer to enjoy the games if you’re using this headset with this dongle. To achieve this, you must first unplug your headphones from the stereo adapter before you may use them with a desktop.

Operation of a USB headset with the Controller of Xbox One

You may use the Controller of Xbox One with a headset. One of the controllers must be linked to a USB headset. With little to no changes in either form or functionality, the controller of Xbox One, also referred to as the Controller S, has been a standard for video gaming for many years. Furthermore, you can use your Xbox One with any compatible USB headset.

FAQS on Utilizing USB Headset on Xbox One

How can I connect my Xbox One to a USB headset?

You must first insert the USB cord from the USB headset into an accessible USB port on your Xbox One before you can connect it to the device. Click the Xbox icon on your controller to access the Guide after the connection has been connected. Choose your headset from the list of devices and accessories under Settings > Devices & Accessories. After that, pick Headset Sounds and decide whether you want to use your TV speakers or the headset to listen to game audio.

Do Xbox One consoles support a USB headset?

Yes, USB headsets are compatible with the Xbox One. One can use them for voice and video chat with pals on Xbox Live and gaming.

How to connect the wired headset to Xbox S Series?

Ensure your Xbox S Series is powered on before attempting to connect a wired headset. Next, find the 3.5mm audio jack on the console’s front and attach the audio cord from the headset to it. Finally, change the headset’s volume and start playing.

Can you use any mic with the Xbox One?

You cannot use any microphone with the Xbox One. The mic should be compatible with the Xbox One.

Does Xbox support AirPods?

Yes, AirPods work with Xbox. Bluetooth or a cable connection is the available option for the device.

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