Did Riot Delete My Account?

We all like to play games once in a while. Throughout our lifetimes, we might have played different games on different platforms. Many of us might have stopped playing some games and might have some inactive accounts. Riot Games have planned to start deleting and terminating such inactive accounts. Here is what you should know about Inactive accounts on Riot Games and how they are deleting their inactive accounts. Let’s find out if Riot has deleted your account or not.

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Inactive Riot gaming Accounts

Riot Games identifies an account that has been inactive if there has been no login activity throughout any games, apps, or even the browser in the last three years. 

Your account will be considered inactive if you haven’t played any game, used different apps or browsers, or logged into a game client in the past three years. If you have logged into game clients like riotgames.com, leagueoflegends.com, support.riotgames.com, lolesports.com, valorantesports.com, and other websites, your account will be regarded as active.

Riot Games deleting Inactive Accounts

Riot Games has started deleting inactive accounts recently. All the accounts that are considered inactive will be deleted. Even if your account has been inactive in the last three years, it might not be deleted by Riot Games. There are specific criteria the account must meet to be terminated by Riot Games. Any accounts that meet the following criteria will be deleted for inactivity.

  1. An account has been inactive.
  2. An account has not made any game currency purchase.
  3. An account has not received any game currency.
  4. An account hasn’t played for more than 20 hours.
  5. An Account without any rare and limited edition game entitlements.

Prevent Riot Accounts from being deleted

The primary way to prevent your account from being deleted is by staying active once every couple of months. Although the account deletion policy might change in other aspects, make sure you stay active to avoid getting deleted by Riot Games. If you plan on keeping your Riot Games account, keep on playing different games on your account, use the game currency occasionally and make sure you log in regularly in the game clients even if you can’t play the games.

Since other criteria might change, the main way to prevent getting your account from being deleted by Riot Games is by staying active on Riot Games.


Will I be notified if my account is going to be deleted?

Yes, Riot Games will notify you if your account will be deleted due to being inactive. In the registered email address, they will email you a file on the address. After that, you can’t log into any games, apps, or websites except support.riotgames.com. 

What happens to inactive league accounts?

All the inactive accounts on League of Legends will get a Summoner name Decay. The name will be available if you haven’t played games for an extended period. All inactive accounts will be given the name on the account until another player claims it. The name will be removed once another player claims the inactive account.

Can you delete the Riot Games account?

Yes, you can delete your Riot games account for Valorant, League of Legends, or any other game. To delete your Riot Games account, open the official website of Riot games and head over to the support page.
After you open the support page, go to the Section on deleting an account. Now log in to your Riot games account and complete the form for deleting your account. After you have requested to delete your account, they will begin the process shortly.

How long does it take for Riot to delete your account?

Whether you delete it yourself or Riot games delete your account for you, your account can take up to 30 days to be entirely deleted. In 30 days, you won’t be able to access your account, but you can recover your account by contacting customer support directly.
After 30 days, Riot Games will permanently delete your account from their server, and you will no longer be able to recover your account.

How can you change the email on Riot Games?

You can easily change and verify your new email address on your Riot Games account. To change your email in Riot Games, go to the sign-in page and open your Riot games account.
Head to your account and click on the edit icon beside your current email address. Press it and enter your new email address. Now, Riot Games will send you a confirmation email. Go to the new email inbox and verify your new email id.

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