Does Boost Mobile Give Free Upgrade?

Many people wonder if Boost Mobile offers a free phone upgrade, but unfortunately, they don’t. The company does not offer a free upgrade yet, but there are certain offers, promotions, and discounts for customers wanting to upgrade their phones. Keep on reading to learn about them and the conditions required to enjoy them. This article includes a detailed guide on Does Boost Mobile Give Free Upgrade?

What Are the Available Upgrade Offers On Boost Mobile?

While Boost Mobile does not give free upgrades, it offers certain offers that will benefit you as an existing customer if you upgrade your phone. Some of the benefits are as follows:

A $100 Credit On Upgrade Devices

Boost Mobile has a package where existing customers get a $100 credit on upgrade devices. But it is only available for customers who have activated their devices for a minimum of 120 days. However, this offer is not always available – it is rare and usually available for a limited time.

Boost Mobile Upgrade Discount

Boost Mobile usually offer discounts on Boost Mobile upgrade, and you can enjoy this benefit if you are an existing customer. However, like the $100 credit, it is usually available for a limited time.

Boost Mobile’s BoostUp Program

The BoostUp program with Boost Mobile is another offer for existing customers who plan to upgrade their phones. It is a financing program that allows you to get an upgrade by making a deposit payment and spreading the remaining balance over 18 months.

You will pay an agreed sum while getting the phone upgrade and pay the balance monthly for 18 months, though you may balance up before that time.

You Can Get A Discount By Exchanging Your Old Boost Mobile

Another offer available for you as an existing customer lets you exchange your old Boost Mobile to get a new one at a discounted price. The company will, however, examine your device to ensure it is in good working condition and determine its value, based on the examination, to know how much discount you merit.

Please note that the offers above may be available at Boost Mobile, but they are not guaranteed or may be available for a short period. Also, there is an emphasis on its availability for existing customers, and you may not have access to them as a new customer.

Can You Upgrade Your Boost Mobile?

You can upgrade your Boost Mobile whenever you wish, but you must meet some eligibility criteria to enjoy the discounts and offers. Generally, you must be an existing customer to enjoy any discount while upgrading your Boost Mobile, while your profile needs to meet some additional criteria below to enjoy the Boost Mobile BoostUp program:

  • Have a minimum active monthly plan of $35.
  • Pay your last BoostUp payment on time for up to 12 months if you have enjoyed the program before.
  • Do not be a beneficiary of the Premier Grace Period program.

When Can You Upgrade Your Boost Mobile?

The best time to upgrade your Boost Mobile is when it starts to malfunction. For instance, you may not need to upgrade your device if it is new unless it breaks. However, an upgrade may become necessary if you have used it for many years.

Your old device will become incompatible with the regular updates from its manufacturers over time and can start to malfunction as a result. It will also be unable to receive the latest security patches, which can subject it to hardware and software damage.

You can also upgrade your Boost Mobile phone, if you want, even without damage or malfunction. It will help you to get a better device if you are already a customer while saving about $100.

How Can You Upgrade Your Boost Mobile?

You can upgrade any Boost Mobile phone by visiting a Boost Mobile store close to you, contacting customer care support, or visiting their website. Let’s discuss the process for each option in detail.

Visiting A Boost Mobile Store

Visiting a Boost Mobile store close to you is one easy way to get an upgrade, but it may not be the best option if you do not live close to one. The process in this option is straightforward, and you will get a first-hand guide from an official at the onsite location.

To start with, visit the Boost Mobile official website to find a store near you. Then plan to visit the store physically with your Boost ID and during their working hours. While at the store, inquire fo the official in charge of upgrades, and they will guide you through the necessary steps.

Get An Upgrade on the Official Website

Another simple way to get a Boost Mobile upgrade is via the official website. It is an easy option with only a few steps below:

  • Visit Boost Mobile’s official website.
  • Next, click the Sign in button to proceed to the Sign in page.
  • Sign in to your Boost account by filling in your phone number and password in the required fields and clicking the Sign In button.
  • After signing in, you can check if your account is eligible for the BoostUp program.
  • Next, proceed to click the Start shopping link.
  • Select the new Smartphone model you prefer from the available options on the platform.
  • Select the BoostUp payment option from the payment page to see the installment instructions.
  • Pay the down payment, and you will receive an email notification.
  • Pay the remaining balance in installments over 18 months.

This option may not be the best for you if you cannot access the Boost Mobile official website due to some restrictions on the server.

Contact the Customer Care Support

Contacting customer care support will be your best bet if you have no access to a physical store or the official website. It is also an easy option with sufficient guidance from an official.

The official in charge will ask you questions regarding your account to verify it when you call them, and you can ask them any questions about the upgrade process, your eligibility, plans, EMIs, etc.


It is sad to learn that Boost Mobile does not give free upgrades as many people presume, but there are discounts and offers that are sufficient to compensate existing customers who plan to upgrade their Best Mobile.

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