Does iPhone 11 Have Fingerprint Security?

Fingerprint security on iPhones is a hot topic these days. Are you concerned about data breaches and hackers taking control of your phone?

It’s time to protect your data and, more importantly, your privacy. It’s time to get fingerprint security! But you don’t know how to enable the security features on iPhone 11. You have come to the right place. 

This article will make you understand all the security features of the iPhone 11, so you may not get your data hacked.

So let’s jump into the article to discover Apple’s most advanced security features for iPhone 11.

What Is Fingerprint Security, And Does iPhone 11 Have Fingerprint Security Feature?

Fingerprint security is an advance and unique technology which scans the impressions on your fingers with its unique scanning algorithm. That allows you to secure your data or anything like your office entrance, bank accounts, mobile, etc.

The Fingerprint authenticates the thumb impressions when you place your finger on the sensor placed under the button or screen of smartphones. 

No third-party app or company can share your fingerprint data anywhere. So basically, it is one of the most authentic security features used worldwide.

But sometimes, you don’t know where to enable this option in iOS devices, so we have given you a step-by-step guide below to enable this option on your iPhone 11.

Steps To Enable Security On iPhone 11

You must follow the steps below to enable the iPhone 11 security features without any hassle:

  1. Open iPhone Settings
iphone setting

Take your iPhone and unlock it by pressing the power button. Now, you have to locate the settings icon in the main menu, which you can see in the picture above, and open the settings by tapping on it.

  1. Open Face Id And Passcode
face id setting

Now locate the security features in the iPhone settings menu by name Face ID and passcode by tapping on it.

  1. Enter Your Passcode If You Have Already
passcode for iphone

If you already have a passcode set on your iPhone, then put the details of the code and unlock the security settings. It is one of the best security features of iOS that you cannot access the security settings without inserting the unlock password, genius!

  1. Tap On Setup Face ID
setup face id

When you unlock the Face ID and passcode settings, you will have multiple security options to secure your iPhone. Unfortunately, the iPhone removed its fingerprint sensors feature after iPhone X. 

Now you have to choose the more secure feature of the iPhone, and they claim a face ID. Tap on the setup Faces ID option.

  1. Move Your Head Slowly To Complete Face Capturing Circle
face for iphone lock setup

Now your iPhone front camera will turn on and ask you to look at the camera and move your face slowly so that the camera can capture every part of your skin to ensure ultra-security features won’t compromise.

  1. Complete The Second Face Id Scan
Does iPhone 11 Have Fingerprint Security?

In the second face scan, you must repeat the same as you did in the previous one to slowly move your face around the camera. 

Also, make sure that if there is any birthmark on your face, it should be captured in face reading because that could be the extra security of your iPhone. 

  1. Again Move your Head Slowly To Complete The Final Circle
Does iPhone 11 Have Fingerprint Security?

You will be asked to complete the final circle by moving your head slowly. It will capture every part of your face from side to side and upper and lower parts of your face with minimal details. 

Also, clean your front iPhone camera before doing this task so that it can capture all the minor details on your face.

  1. Security Set Up On iPhone 11 Completed
iphone security setup

When you do that third time, a notification will show up with a verification of your face ID capturing. 

Now you can enable your Face ID as a security unlock feature on your iPhone, which is better than other security features, and you don’t always need to put the passcode or patterns.


How Can You Activate Fingerprint On iPhone 11?

Unfortunately, you cannot activate fingerprint security on iPhone 11 because apple is now more focused on the Face ID feature than other easily compromised security features. 
You must rely on passcodes or Face ID to lock your iPhone. Apple is considering including the fingerprint sensor in its upcoming models later than iPhone 13.

How Can You Lock Your iPhone With Fingerprint?

You can lock your iPhone with a fingerprint by following these steps below:
1. Open your iPhone settings
2. Now locate the touch ID and passcode option and open it by tapping on it
3. Enter the password you already have on your iPhone to unlock these security settings
4. Choose the fingerprint security
5. Now you will be asked to place your figure, which could be any of your hands, on the fingerprint sensor
7. Now move your figure slowly and tap on it again and again without pressing the button
8. Complete the scanning process, and the fingerprint security feature on your iPhone will be enabled

How Do I Setup Touch ID On Apple Devices?

You can easily set up the Touch ID on your apple devices by entering into settings> Open touch ID and Passcode> Tap on add a fingerprint> Touch the fingerprint sensor slowly and smoothly> Complete the scanning process, and your touch ID will be activated.

Does iPhone 13 have a Touch ID?

No iPhone 13 doesn’t have any touch ID, but apple is continuously trying to place a unique touch ID feature on their upcoming models.

Will iPhone 14 have an On Screen Touch ID?

Since Apple left the fingerprint feature from iPhone X, they still don’t have any plan to place this feature again in their upcoming models until now. 
And there is a saying that until 2025 there is no plan for Apple to place an In-screen fingerprint sensor on their upcoming phone models.

Why Does My iPhone Have No Option Of Touch ID?

Because iPhone removed the touch ID since the iPhone X launched, and until now, an iPhone 13, except for one iPhone SE model, has no touch ID available. 
But they included a super security feature called Face ID which is a much better option than Fingerprint.


With the iPhone 11, there are more ways to keep your information safe than ever. You can either use a pattern, passcode, or a Face ID. 

Face ID is quite popular among iOS users because it quickly unlocks the phone and is highly efficient in terms of security authentication. 

The fingerprint sensor is quite a forgotten security feature among iPhone’s new models. That’s a mystery why they removed this feature. Will they enable this feature in the future? That’s the question circulating millions of iOS users. 

Stay tuned for more information about iOS’s latest features, and if you like this article, don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

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