Does Life360 Tell You When Someone Checks your Location?

When most of the use hear about Life360, we assume it is spying up like many location tracking applications. Facebook made Life360, and it is a useful application for parents to keep a tab on the location of their young and loved ones. If you have a group of friends that you want to always keep in touch with, using Life360 is a better app because it seeks every user’s permission before using it. To discover if your friends will be notified by Life360 when you check their location, continue reading the post! If you are wondering, Does Life360 Tell You When Someone Checks your Location?

This article will guide you on Does Life360 Tell You When Someone Checks your Location?

What is the Use of Life360 Application ? Does it Gives Notification When Someone Checks Your Location?

Life360 is a powerful application that has helped parents to keep track of their young ones ensuring they are safe. Many people use the app to know the location of others, but you may wonder if Life360 will notify someone when you check their location. The good news is that Life360 does not inform the other party when you check their location.

Does Life360 Tell You When Someone Checks your Location

Life360 enables users to see the real-time location of those within their circle. The application has a private map and enables the members to set private alerts such that when one arrives or leaves a destination, you will get an alert through the app. Moreover, members can chat with each other no matter whether they are using Android or iOS. 

Because all members agree to share their location with the members freely, the application will not inform any member when another person checks their location.

FAQs On Life360

Will Life360 Inform Me When Someone Checks My Location?

Life360 does not inform any member when another one checks their location because they have agreed to share their location. Once you agree to broadcast your location to your circle, every member will be able to check it freely, and you will not be notified.

How Do I Tell If Someone Hides Location on Life360?

Other members will see every action a person does on their app regarding their location. If a person decides to pause his location so that other members of the circle are not informed of his location, other members will see that his location has been paused. If you want to continue seeing their location, you must request them to enable location sharing.

Can I Track Someone’s Location on Life360 Without Their Knowing?

No. Life360 is not a spying application; it requires someone’s permission to share their location. If the person you want to see his location will not voluntarily agree to be in your circle, you will not track his location. Every person you see his location is a member of your circle and has agreed their location to be tracked.

What Do People See Using Life360?

When you are added to a Life360 circle as a member, all members get access to the same information. Each person in the circle can be notified of others’ locations and share their location freely. Also, if a member turns their location off, every Life360 member will see that. Life360 only limits someone from accessing the Life360 settings of someone else. The app will not show the other members if a member sends or receives texts and calls.

Can I Keep My Location Private on Life360?

The only way to keep your location in Life360 private is by leaving your circle and deleting the app. If you don’t wish to delete the application, you can change your location to an incorrect location, thereby keeping your real location a secret. One way to hide your real location on the app is by using a desktop tool that will spoof your GPS. You can use many spoofing tools, and MockGo is among such tools.

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