Does Quest Diagnostics Accept Walk-ins?[What you should Know]

Quest Diagnostics has become one of the leading medical laboratories in the US today, with several branches around the world. Quest Diagnostics offers over 3000 kinds of diagnostic testing, ranging from Cancer and Cardiology to Covid-19 tests and a lot more.

Does Quest Diagnostics accept walk-ins? The simple answer is Yes; Quest Diagnostics does accept walk-ins in all of their branches. However, Priority is given to people who schedule appointments in advance. Here we’ll give you a complete guide on how to schedule an appointment at Quest Diagnostics.

How To Schedule An Appointment At Quest Diagnostics?

Arranging an appointment at Quest Diagnostics is quite simple. You can schedule an appointment by calling their customer support or on their website. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to schedule an appointment at Quest Diagnostics online

Does Quest Diagnostics Accept Walk-ins
  • Next, select the reason for the appointment or just tap “All other tests” if you don’t find the option you want.
Tap All other tests if you dont find the option you want
  • On the next page, Enter your location on the search bar to find the nearest Quest Diagnostics center.
  • Once you enter a location, you will see a list of available testing centers close to you, with information such as a specific address and available time based on the date selected.
  • Select the time that works for you and hit “Continue.”
Select the time that works for you and hit Continue
  • Next, you’ll be required to fill in information about yourself, like your name, sex, email, date of birth, etc.
  • Make sure to tick the box beside “Email” or “Text”  under “Appointment contact preferences” to choose where you want to receive messages about the appointment.
Does Quest Diagnostics Accept Walk-ins
  • Review the appointment details, then tap “Schedule Appointment.”
Review the appointment details

If you want to access your appointment details, head to the homepage and select “view” under “Already have an appointment?

If you want to access your appointment details head to the homepage

You can also create a MyQuest account to easily access your lab results and more. To do this, simply navigate to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “create a MyQuest account.” Enter your preferred username and password and select “Next.”

Enter your preferred username and password and select Next

FAQs On Using Quest Diagnostics

Now you have the answer to your question: Does Quest Diagnostics accept Walk-ins? Continue reading to see more frequently asked questions about Quest Diagnostics with answers.

Can I Access My Lab Test Results Without Using MyQuest?

Yes. There are several ways to access your test results. You can request them from your doctor or send a request to disclose Your PHI (Protected Health Information) via Email, fax, or mail. You will receive your test results within 30 days.

Why Have I Not Received My Test Results In Over A Week?

If you haven’t received your test results in over a week after testing, we suggest you check to confirm your details in MyQuest. Also, contact your Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center to confirm if your data is up-to-date.

How Do I Track My Test Results?

You can easily track the status of your test results in your MyQuest account. Simply navigate to the results page, and you will find the status of your test result in one of the four states: Test Ordered, In Process, Physician Notification, or Cancelled.

What Does Pending Result’ Mean?

A pending result usually means that the sample is in the testing process but not yet completed. Once the test result passes the “Physician notification” stage, your test card will be moved from the pending result to the “Available Results” section.

Can I See Other’s Test Results In The Test Section?

Yes. However, this is only possible if they were added to your circle and if you were added as a personal representative.

Who Appears In My Circle?

Your circle Includes anyone for whom you are a caregiver. You can view the health status of anyone in your circle.
PS: Anyone under 18 is not eligible to register as a caregiver or choose their caregiver.

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