How Can I Cancel My Course Hero and Get Money Back?

Course Hero is one of the leading websites that has enabled learners to access numerous learning resources. The platform was set up in 2008 and has gained many learners and tutors contributing to its resources. When you wish to access most of the resources, you must have a Couse Hero subscription. The premium subscription charges you and gives you access to several learning resources. Read this post if you want to cancel your subscription and get your money back! Read this article until the end to get the answer to your query: “How Can I Cancel My Course Hero and Get Money Back?

What are the Ways to Cancel Course Hero?

Course Hero allows users to cancel their subscriptions easily when they don’t want to keep paying for the services. Sometimes, they pay back your money when you are eligible for a refund.

How Can I Cancel My Course Hero and Get Money Back

1. Cancel Course Hero Subscription Using the Website.

When subscribing to Course Hero services, they offer users a website they can use. For such users they can cancel for Couse Hero services from the website as explained below;

  1. Launch the Course Hero website.
  2. Log into your account using your credentials.
  3. Hover over your profile, then click on Account Settings.
  4. Tap on the Stop Recurring Membership button.
  5. Confirm your cancellation by following the onscreen instructions and completing the process. 

The above steps will ensure you have canceled your Couse Hero subscription, and you will receive an email regarding the same. But that does not guarantee you will receive a refund immediately. You may need to contact the support team regarding your refund.

2. Cancel Course Hero Through Email

Another way of canceling your subscription to Course Hero is using an email. You need to email the support team and let them know you want to cancel your account and get your money back.  

  1. Compose an email using the email address you opened Course Hero with.
  2. Please send it to the support team.

When composing your email, let them know why, and make it clear that you want to get your money back. The support team will give you a response as soon as possible.

3. Cancel Course Hero Subscription Through Phone

Using a phone is the easiest way of canceling your Course Hero. You only need to have the Course Hero team’s contact number and have enough credit to tell them what you want. You can call the Course Hero Support team through the number here. 1-888-634-9397

4. Cancel Course Hero Through DoNotPay

If you don’t want to get involved with this whole story of canceling Course Hero and asking for money, you can let DONOTPAY do the process on your behalf. 

Cancel Course Hero Through DoNotPay
  1. Use a web browser to log into DONOTPAY
  2. Tap on Find Hidden Money opting.
  3. Enter Course Hero
  4. Let the platform work on canceling your Course Hero.

DoNotPay will work on canceling your membership subscription as soon as possible and send you a confirmation email.

FAQs On Course Hero

How Long Does It Take for Course Hero to refund My Money?

Course Hero takes around three to seven days to refund their customers. However, it may take nine days for the amount to reflect on your statement. In such a case, if you paid through PayPal, the refund will be returned to PayPal.

Will Course Hero Automatically Refund My Money Once I Cancel Course Hero?

Course Hero allows users to cancel a recurring subscription at any time, but that does not mean you will automatically get refunded. When you wish to get refunded by Course Hero, you must call them and know if you are eligible to get refunded. You can cancel your Course Hero subscription but allow you to use it until all your money is used. In such a case, they may not refund you.

What Happens After I Cancel My Course Hero?

Once you cancel your Course Hero, you will lose access to the materials on the website. Moreover, you will be under free membership, meaning you can’t access any other resource unless you upload your learning resources on the platform. But if your subscription has not ended, Course Hero may allow you to access their resources until your payment is depleted.

How Can I Cancel My Course Hero and Get a Refund?

There are many ways you can use to cancel your Course Hero and get back your money. If you registered for the membership through the Course Hero website, it is recommended to use the same website to cancel your membership. You can also cancel Course Hero through a phone call or by sending an email to the support team.

Why is Course Hero Not CancellingMy Membership?

You may try to cancel Course Hero and notice you cannot achieve your aim. In such a case, there is a likelihood that you have pending arrears. When you have not paid fully, Course Hero will limit you from canceling your membership until you pay. You can confirm if you owe the platform money preventing you from canceling the subscription.


Course Hero is one of the most powerful learning platforms, with millions of learners and tutors. The platform allows you to subscribe to their services and access their resources. If you no longer want to pay for their services, you are free to cancel your account anytime. This post has explained how you can cancel your Course Hero in four easy ways!

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