How Can I Delete My Banned TikTok Account?

With over a billion active user profiles on TikTok, regulating accounts to meet universal social media use standards has been a part of this social media platform. This article includes a detailed guide on How Can I Delete My Banned TikTok Account?

Because of these regulations, several accounts have been banned for violating TikTok’s community standards. However, TikTok can reinstate some banned accounts while some are permanent. If you want to delete your banned TikTok account, this guide will help you.

Steps To I Delete My Banned TikTok Account

You can’t delete your banned TikTok account manually – it gets deleted automatically after 30 days of the ban. However, you can delete your video and account data on TikTok from your device without contacting customer support. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open the TikTok App, then sign in to your Account.
  • Step 2: Tap on your Profile icon.
How Can I Delete My Banned TikTok Account
  • Step 3: Select the Three Dots at the top right of the screen.
Select the Three Dots at the top right of the screen
  • Step 4: Tap on Settings And Privacy options.
  • Step 5: Tap on Manage Account.
Tap on Manage Account
  • Step 6: Select Delete.
How Can I Delete My Banned TikTok Account
  • Step 7: Select  Delete Account permanently.
How Can I Delete My Banned TikTok Account
  • Step 8: Accept the Terms And Conditions.
Accept the Terms And Conditions
  • Step 9: Tap on Continue.
  • Step 10: Enter the Verification Code sent to your phone.
  • Step 11: Tap on Delete account.
  • Step 12: When a pop-up message appears, tap on Delete to finalize your action.

FAQs On Banned TikTok Account

Can You Get Your Banned TikTok Account Back?

Yes, you can get your banned TikTok account reinstated if the ban is a temporary one. If the ban is only temporary, you can contact TikTok’s customer support agent to request a ban review. Then wait for a reply, but not as soon as you send the appeal.

How Long Does It Take To Restore A Banned TikTok Account?

A banned TikTok account can be restored between 24 and 48 hours, depending on why your account was banned. If you’ve not received a message from TikTok within this timeframe, send a message to their customer support to report the issue. However, the reinstatement of your TikTok account depends solely on the case.

What Gets A TikTok Account Banned?

The TikTok community standard is very active in monitoring how users use their product and penalizing anyone that goes against its terms and conditions. Violations like promoting bullying through your content, promoting drug abuse or any restricted drug, alcohol, nudity, or any sexually inducing content. Repeated violations of these rules will get your account permanently deleted.

Why Does My TikTok Account Keep Being Banned For No Reason?

Your TikTok account can’t get banned for no reason. When you get the message, go through it to know why you got banned. Your account may have been banned due to repeated violations of TikTok guidelines, like using third-party apps to gain more followers or likes. And because a TikTok user reported your content as inappropriate or plagiarized.

How Many Reports Can Get My TikTok Account Banned?

Your TikTok account can get banned if there are more than six reports from different TikTok accounts about the content you post on the platform. Once TikTok reviews the reports, your account gets banned temporarily or permanently.


When your account is banned from TikTok, deleting it is not within your power. However, you can delete your account data and video from any device. We hope this guide clarifies how to delete your banned TikTok account. If you have questions, use the comment box to ask them, and we’ll answer them in our next article.

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