How can I delete my Facebook Account without a password?

Many people get their first interaction with the internet as their teen-ages or maybe in school ages, which is when they introduce to social media platforms like Facebook. Over the years, they create many personal, professional, or business accounts, some of which get older and lose their value. But the real problem arises when you lose access to the parent account on which you created your account. Now you are in the complete locked-out condition. Then you search for a solution to how you can delete your Facebook account without a password. To deal with this situation, you have a couple of options available: create a new account, reaccess the old account or delete the previous account.

At times the first condition may not be viable as you want to use the Facebook account with your previous settings and name, then you are left with only two choices, either to regain access to your old account, which is not as simple as it seems to be. Even contacting Facebook isn’t much help as it may take days, weeks, or months to fulfill your request.

Now all you can do is delete the previous account and recreate it with the same details, but the problem here is you might not have the password for this account; even the “forget password” is of no use as neither you have access to the parent account nor you have to remember any other details. At this time, you must be scratching your hair.

Don’t worry; we got your back. In this article, we will tell you to complete every possible solution to gain access and delete a Facebook account without a password. It is not a highly complex process but still requires patience, luck, and effort. So, let’s start.

Steps to delete a Facebook account without a password

There are a couple of ways with which we can delete a Facebook account without a password. You can get back your disabled Facebook account anytime you want. So, without wasting a single moment, let’s get started exploring each one of them:

Method 1: Re-access To Delete a Facebook account without A Password.

Before deleting an old account, you have to gain its access. There are a couple of ways to do so on mobile phones, such as using the phone number associated with it.

Re-Access By using the phone number

1: Open the Facebook app and enter your email address.

fb login page

2: Enter the password which you have to remember 

How can I delete my Facebook Account without a password?

3: If it is of no use, then press “Forget Password.”

fb log in page

4: The Facebook app will prompt you for the phone number.

fb forgot password

5: After you enter the phone number, it will give you the options to log in either via receiving code on your mobile number, code via the email address or directly entering the password.

6: You need to select the option for “Send code via SMS”

recover fb account

7: Once the option is selected, you will receive the code over your mobile phone.

enter password reset otp

8: If the mobile option does not work, select the “Send code via email“.

Send code via email reset code fb

9: If that does not work as well, select the “No Longer access to these?“.

choose fb account for reset password

10: Here, Facebook asks you to log in with the device you used to log into this account.

use another device to reset password

Re-Access To Delete A Facebook Account By using the Facebook Identify page

1: Open the web browser and type

2: This will open the “Find your Account page,” where you can search your account by typing your email address or mobile number.

search for fb id

3: Once it founds the account, it will send you a code to reset your password either on your email address or over the phone.

send pass reset code

4: Now follow the on-screen instruction, and if everything goes right, you will be able to access your Facebook account again

Method 2: Deleting the Facebook Account

Once you have gained access to your old Facebook account, you are all set to delete it. All you need to follow below steps:

1: Click the three dashes iconFacebook bar on the top right corner of your screen.

fb newsfeed

2: On this page, you will find the “Settings & Privacy” tab.

fb menu

3: Under this tab, select the “Settings” option.

fb setting menu

4: Select “Person and Account Information,” which you will find under the “Account” section. 

fb settings

5: Now choose “Account ownership and control,”.

personal account setting

6: On this page, you will see the “Deactivation and deletion” option. tap it.

account deactivation and deletion setting

7: Here, you have two options “Deactivate account” and “Delete account”

delete fb account

8: click on “Continue to Account Deletion”

delete fb id

9: Select the “Delete Account” option again and enter your password, which we have reset after the recovery process.

10: Click “Continue”   

The above step will generate an account deletion request which you can cancel within 30 days.

Method 3: Delete the account by reporting it as Fake

Another option with which you can delete your account or say old version, to be specific, is by reporting it as fake. But for this method, you must have another account from which you can report it as fake.

Let’s have a look at how we do this magic.

1: Go to your new Facebook account and click on the three dashes iconFacebook bar on the top right corner of your screen

fb newsfeed

2: From here, search for your target account by typing its email address

fb setting menu

3: Once you have found the target account, press the three dots three dotsicon

profile on fb

4: Now under “Page settings,” there is an option for “Report Profile” select it.

report fb profile

5: Now under “Find support or Report Page” you will get “Pretending to be something.”

Find support or Report Page fb

6: This will lead you to a new page; select the “Me” option and press done.

report option fb

In this way, we can report a profile as fake. Although a single report is enough to get a profile ban or deleted, in some cases, you may require more effort from others to get your desired results.


How can I get back my Facebook account without credentials?

You can recover your Facebook account via the phone number associated with that account or by getting a code on your parent’s email account.  

Can we report a fake Facebook account?

Yes, you can report the fake Facebook account either by accessing the account from your profile or directly reporting it on Facebook Help Center. 

How many reports does Facebook require to delete or block an account?

This decision depends on Facebook’s discretion. In some cases, a single report is enough; in other situations, more reports from other users are also required to check the urgency and legitimacy of the case.

Is there any way to close the deceased’s account?

Yes, you can close a dead person’s account by filling out the materialization form, which Facebook named “Special Request for Deceased Person’s Account.” 

How much time does it take to delete a Facebook account?

It may take three to six weeks after generating an account’s closer request, but it also depends on the case’s severity or legitimacy.  


Facebook is a popular and fantastic platform that serves all kinds of users, from fun-loving to business-oriented professionals to students. That’s why people would like to create a new account for different purposes, and this will generate the requirement of closing old ones.

In this article, we have tried to round off every possible option to gain access to old accounts and delete them without the password. All you need to do is go through this article and follow the steps to delete a Facebook account without a password.

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