How Can I Delete My Quikr Account Permanently?

Quikr is one of the popular online marketplaces in India, connecting buyers and sellers to sell, buy, and rent any product or service across the country. It has gained much popularity with its convenient platforms for buyers and sellers. Read this article until the end to get the answer to your query- “How Can I Delete My Quikr Account Permanently?

You can create an account, post an ad on the platform, or search for products to buy or rent. It has made our lives easier by making the platform a one-stop solution for almost all products. However, despite its convenience due to different issues, we might want to stop using the platform or completely delete our Quikr account. In this article, we will take you through if it is possible to delete your Quikr account.

Is it possible to delete your Quikr Account?

If you are wondering if you can delete your Quikr account, you can’t. Unlike other platforms, Quikr doesn’t have a specific Delete Account button from which you can delete your account in one click. As a result, many of us go to settings and see if we can deactivate our account, but without any deactivation button, we get confused if we can delete our Quikr account. 

You can try deleting your Quikr account by taking the help of Quikr customer support or by deleting all the information and making the account inactive with the hope that Quikr will remove the inactive account.

Delete Quikr Account Permanently

  1. Open your Gmail or any other email linked to your Quikr Account.
  2. Write an email to Quikr customer care at [email protected].
  3. Compose the email with the subject “Request for Quikr Account Deletion.”
  4. In the email below, write down all your account details and the reason for account deletion.
  5. Now, wait a few days for Quikr support to get back to you.

If this method doesn’t work, you can work around another way that you can follow to remove all your account information.

Alternate Method To Delete Quikr Account Permanently

It doesn’t technically delete your account, but you can follow the method if you plan on deleting your account. 

  • Unsubscribe from all the emails
  • Open Quikr and click the Edit Profile section from “My account.” Uncheck the “Include me in Marketing Communications” option in the edit profile tab.
  • Finally, delete all the ads you have posted on Quikr.
  • You can then delete your important information from your profile.

It won’t delete your account, but you can now leave your account inactive and hope for Quikr to delete your inactive account for a certain period.

FAQs On Quikr Account

How can I update my Account on Quikr?

You can update your profile on Quikr through your profile. Just open your Quikr and go to My Account. Click on the Update My Profile link below the Manage My Account. Now, update the required information on your profile and click on Update.

Is it safe to sell coins on Quikr?

Yes, it is safe to sell coins on Quikr. You can sell old coins or your coin collection quickly on Quikr. However, before selling coins, make sure you are aware of the market value of the coins. Old coins carry a historical value and are sold much higher, with their value appreciating with time. So, research appropriately about the coin you are trying to sell and its value. It is also legal for everyone in India to sell coins. But you can’t sell the notes of 500 and 1000 on Quikr or in India, which was made illegal after demonetization in November 2016.

Can I delete my Ad after the transaction has been made?

Yes, after you have sold your product, you can delete your Ad to avoid further queries about the product. Even after you have sold the product, you might get queries from different buyers about the product. Instead of relying on the ad’s status for each, you can simply delete the ad.
Go to your Quikr account and select Manage My Ads. Then, under active ads, go to the ad you want to delete and click on the bin icon.

Can I sell religious items on Quikr?

No, Quikr prohibits people from selling religious items, including artifacts, books, or other religious stuff. Any information or description of the items listed on Quikr must not affect any religious sentiments of other individuals or groups. In severe cases of listing prohibited items, Quikr will take action based on the severity of the offense.

How can I chat on Quikr?

You can chat with the seller on Quikr through the ads. On the ad, click the Chat now button next to the product, and a chat window will pop up. If you haven’t registered yet, the chat window will show the registration link, and then you can chat will the seller. You can also share images through the chat on Quikr. With Quikr Nxt, you can easily talk with the seller and get to know more about the product or service without a phone number.

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