How Can I Delete My Telegram Account From iPhone?

Users of Telegram may text, call, and exchange other sorts of media with their friends using this cloud-based messaging service. Telegram cannot be deleted directly through any method on iPhone, raising the question among the users: How can I delete my Telegram account from iPhone?  However, you can remove your Telegram account from your iPhone through deactivation . 

Step-by-Step Guide to Delete Telegram Account From iPhone

The following method is used for deleting Telegram from the iPhone.

  • Step 1 :

Activate Telegram and select settings: Go to the app menu on your phone after unlocking your iPhone. The Telegram app logo represents a white square background with a white paper plane inside a blue box.

The following method is used for deleting Telegram from the iPhone.
  1. Look for this icon to access the app and click on it.
  2. You may access your chats from the app’s home screen.
  3. Contacts, chat, and settings are the options located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the upper-right corner of the screen, select the settings option.
  • Step 2 :

A list of options shows on your screen when you tap settings. Select the “Telegram FAQ” option from the list.

Look for this icon to access the app and click on it.
  • Step 3 : A list of frequently asked questions and statements in the style of bullet points will appear on your screen after you click on FAQs. Tap “OK” after selecting “Delete your Telegram account.”
A list of options shows on your screen when you tap settings. Select the "Telegram FAQ" option from the list.
  • Step 4 : The FAQ question “How can I delete my account?” will appear. The response to this query will also be shown to you on the screen. A blue link directing to the “deactivation page” will appear in this response. Essentially, the software requests that you click on this link to deactivate your account.
  • Step 5 : You will be prompted to enter a few data so the app can verify that it is your account. Your phone number and the provided confirmation code should be entered in the field as shown on the screen. 
The FAQ question "How can I delete my account?" will then appear.
  • Steps to Verify Your Account

Make sure to enter the same phone number that you did when setting up your Telegram account. A confirmation code will be sent through SMS to the phone number you entered or used to register your account, depending on your chosen method. Tap sign-in to continue the process after entering the confirmation code.

  • Step 6 : You will then see a new page asking for your phone number and the reason you are quitting or uninstalling the Telegram app on your iPhone. Click the blue “Delete My Account” button to close your account.
  • Step 7 : Finally, a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your action. It shows a warning and instructs you only to cancel your account if you are done using it because you won’t be able to register again for several days. The final step is to select the red “Yes, delete my account” button.

FAQs on Telegram

Do my chat messages disappear if I deactivate Telegram?

Your regular communications will remain if Telegram is uninstalled since everything is saved in Telegram Cloud. Telegram is a messaging service whose operations are cloud-based.  

Every move on Telegram is recorded on their server. So, don’t panic; you can always uninstall the Telegram app whenever you like. All the messages instantly sync to the newly installed Telegram. After reinstalling it, you will get all the messages back when you log in using the same password, username, and phone number.

If you uninstall Telegram, do you lose your access to Groups?

You won’t lose your membership in the Group even if you uninstall Telegram. Additionally, if you are the group admin, the other group members won’t be affected if you uninstall Telegram.

Even after I removed Telegram, can my contacts still message me?

The same information is accessible to your contacts and is saved on the server for every message your contacts send. As a result, even after you uninstall Telegram, your contacts can still see the conversation’s contents. They can also send you messages. 

Will your messages be recovered if you delete Telegram and log in using a different Telegram account?

If Telegram is reinstalled to make an account again, in that case, all the previous contacts will be lost along with the messages because it is not the same account. As a result you would need to sign into your old account, to access the same preserved history, including contacts, messages, groups, and so forth.

Even if I uninstall Telegram, can others still view my profile?

Yes. Your Telegram profile remains after uninstalling the Telegram app from your Android or iPhone device. Consequently, others can still view your Telegram profile.

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