How Can I Get My WhatsApp Call History?

The WhatsApp call function maintains track of all people contacted through this platform. If you have important contacts on your WhatsApp call wall, you don’t want to lose them in the future for a number of reasons. Some circumstances, however, may result in the unintended loss of these contacts. This article goes through how to restore call records from your phone if you didn’t save them. If you want to know How Can I Get My WhatsApp Call History, follow the methods mentioned below.

Method 1: Restore Your WhatsApp Call History by Backup on Google Drive

WhatsApp for Android often stores conversation history and call logs to Google Drive as the default storage location. The WhatsApp backup tool might be useful if you lose essential data, such as the WhatsApp call history. 

To store WhatsApp data to Google Drive, users must first set up Google Gmail on their phone and choose a backup frequency. If you erase the WhatsApp call records by mistake, you may recover them if you recall synchronizing WhatsApp with your Google account. 

Remember that WhatsApp stores your material in your phone’s memory every day. Depending on your WhatsApp settings, these backups may be saved to your Google Drive. If you’re unsure how to sync your WhatsApp with your Google account, the steps below will assist you.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone and go to the settings menu. The three-dot symbol in the top right corner will take you to WhatsApp settings.
  2. Go to the following screen and click on conversations, then chat backup.
How Can I Get My WhatsApp Call History?

3.  If your phone is already linked to a Google account, it will be shown under the accounts section. If not, you will be prompted to login into your Google account before selecting a storage location for your WhatsApp backup.

4. After selecting a Google account, click the backup option to perform an instant backup to Google Drive. If you wish to include videos linked to WhatsApp messages in your backup file, ensure you check this box before you backup.

How Can I Get My Whatsapp Call History?

5. Under the backup to Google Drive option, you can optionally choose your desired frequency for automatic backup. Daily, weekly, and monthly choices are available, and you may create a bespoke option that fits you.

Retrieve Your WhatsApp Data from Google Drive

Your WhatsApp data will automatically be backed up to Google Drive based on your chosen backup time. If you misplace your phone or mistakenly erase your WhatsApp call history, you may retrieve it using Google Drive. To do this, just follow these easy instructions.

  1. Reinstall WhatsApp from the official platform on your phone. Make sure you don’t alter the Google account or phone number you used for the backup.
  2.  Launch the app and enter the 6-digit numbers supplied to you to validate your phone number.
  3. Once your number has been properly verified, prompt notice will show on the screen requesting that you recover WhatsApp material from Google Drive. Click the restore option to recover your WhatsApp data, including call logs.
To recover your WhatsApp data including call logs click the restore option.

4. Once the restoration procedure is complete, all conversations and call records will be shown on the phone.

Method 2: Restore Call History by Local Backup

You may access your WhatsApp call logs from your phone’s local backup. Ideally, WhatsApp has a backup option that stores your material in local storage on daily basis. If you accidentally delete the call records, you may simply recover them from the current local WhatsApp backup.

You may also back up your WhatsApp data to your phone’s storage using the following method:

  1. Launch WhatsApp and go to the settings panel by clicking the three-dotted symbol in the upper right corner. Navigate to chats>chats backup and click the backup button. The activity will immediately backup. Setting up the accounts function is unnecessary since you simply need to transfer your backup to local storage.
  2. To recover lost WhatsApp call data, open the local backup from your phone’s memory or SD card, depending on where you stored the WhatsApp backup file. Here are some basic procedures for restoring from a local backup.
  3. Launch the file manager app on your phone to access your phone’s local storage or SD card.
  4. Go to the WhatsApp folder. Locate the WhatsApp backup files that you stored in the database folder.
  5. Find the most current backup file and rename it without the dates to make it simpler to retrieve throughout the restoration process. Choose the file that contains the dates you received the calls or the day you deleted your WhatsApp call logs.
  6. Now, delete WhatsApp from your phone and install another program from the Google Play store.
  7.  Launch the installed app and begin by validating your phone number. It will take a few moments for the programme to automatically discover a backup file on your phone.
back up your WhatsApp data on Phone

8. Tap the Restore button to restore your WhatsApp stuff, including call history. Once the restoration procedure is complete, the data will be presented on the application.

FAQs on WhatsApp call history

How can I get my WhatsApp call history back?

If you have an Android device, you can sync WhatsApp with your Google account. All of your data from your Google Drive account may be restored. In Settings, you may choose the frequency of automated backups. Reinstall WhatsApp, and you’ll be able to recover your wiped WhatsApp call history from the backup file.

Is it possible to track WhatsApp call history?

“Messages and calls to this conversation are protected with end-to-end encryption,” the software says. All messages and phone conversations that pass via the platform are encrypted and may only be accessed by the sender or the receiver. WhatsApp Messenger cannot read messages or record phone conversations.

Can the police obtain WhatsApp messages?

We do not keep data for law enforcement reasons unless we obtain a valid preservation request prior to a user deletes that material from our service. WhatsApp does not keep messages or transaction records of such transmitted communications in the normal course of delivering our service.

How can I get someone’s phone history?

 Select the “Usage/Recent Activity” tab for the carrier. The language and position of this choice will vary depending on the carrier’s site structure; nevertheless, every carrier provides the option to examine the call history of whatever phone is presently logged in.

Can WhatsApp messages be recovered after they have been deleted?

“In fact, it seems that the only way to get rid of them is to remove the program totally.” Jonathan investigated disc pictures obtained from the most current version of the program. And he determined that the software keeps and saves a forensic record of the conversation logs even after the user deletes them, according to the report.

Restore WhatsApp Conversations

On WhatsApp, users can store up to one year of conversations, including phone calls. If you delete your contacts on WhatsApp and then reinstall the application, you should be able to access and re-listen to the content of your past conversations. 

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