How Can I Have Multiple Facebook Accounts?

Multiple accounts on any social media platform are mainly prohibited. That is because people can use someone’s identity to scam anyone worldwide.  Sometimes you are tasked to do a marketing campaign for your company product on social media platforms like Facebook. 

One account isn’t enough to gain much audience; you probably need another Facebook account.

No one wants to give you their Facebook account because they have private data on their account. Then you might be wondering how you can have multiple Facebook accounts. 

Don’t worry! This article will be the way for you to have multiple Facebook accounts without any restrictions. So let’s get inside the article to learn what you are seeking.       

You may also learn how to have two Facebook accounts on the same phone.

What Is Facebook Multiple Accounts, And How Can I Have Multiple Facebook Accounts?

Facebook is among one of the highest user social media platforms worldwide. 

You can do chats and calls your friends here on Facebook. You can also post about any things within the Facebook privacy limits.

Facebook doesn’t officially release any updates to have multiple accounts usage for one person. But as per TechCrunch, Facebook recently revealed that soon their users would have access to make up to 5 linked accounts.

You will use them per your privacy requirements for office, friends, business, and family. But now, you want multiple accounts on Facebook because you need to grow your business at an extreme level.

So we have brought you a step-by-step guide below to make sure you can make multiple Facebook accounts without restriction. Let’s jump into the directory and get what you want to achieve.

Steps To Have Multiple Facebook Accounts

Please make sure you have a working internet connection and a separate email on which you can create your new Facebook account. That is because you cannot make dual accounts on one email. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Facebook From your Browser
Open Facebook From your Browser

Open your Facebook on a web browser or your PC or smartphone. You must have a Facebook account first because now you will have another one with the same identity.

  1. Tap On Your Profile Logo And Select Logout
Tap On Your Profile Logo And Select Logout

Now click on the already logged-in profile logo on the top right corner of the screen. Choose the logout option by clicking on it at the bottom of the list.

  1. Tap On Create An Account
Tap On Create An Account

The Facebook login screen will show, and your previous logged-in account with a profile picture will show on the bottom left. Click on the create new account option.

  1. Sign-Up For A New FB Account
Sign-Up For A New FB Account

A signup window will appear where you must put multiple personal details of yourself. Enter the new email address that you have made for your new Facebook account. 

Enter your password and then your date of birth. Continue the process by clicking on the signup option.

  1. Enter Your New Account Log-In Credentials
Enter Your New Account Log-In Credentials

You will receive n email from Facebook to confirm your registration and then log in to your new account. Go back to the login screen and enter your Facebook ID login credentials. Click on the login button after putting in your required credentials.

  1. Tap On the Profile Logo And Select Switch Accounts
Tap On the Profile Logo And Select Switch Accounts

You will have your new Facebook profile and can now modify your profile data. To check that both accounts are working simultaneously, you will see the profile logo on the top right corner of the screen. 

Click on it, and your first ID will also show the notification messages, if there will be any.


How Do I Add Multiple Account On Facebook?

You need to follow these steps below to add multiple Facebook accounts:
1. Open Facebook on your PC browser
2. Tap on the profile logo in the top right corner
3. Locate and open the settings option
4. Open the privacy settings
5. Locate accounts center
6. Select the Account option
7. Add multiple Facebook accounts

Is There Any Problem with Using Two Facebook Accounts?

According to Facebook’s privacy and policies, you must only have one personal account. If you have two personal accounts, there are slight chances that your account may be banned permanently.
But many people have made fake IDs on Facebook and didn’t get banned. They might sneak away from the Facebook algorithm about multiple IDs. So, you can try having multiple IDs; it depends on whether you get caught.

Can I Make Two Facebook Account With One Email?

As per Facebook, you can only have one account on Facebook with one email. To make multiple accounts on Facebook, you must have separate emails for each account.

Is It Necessary To Use Your Real Identity On Facebook?

Your real identity on Facebook is necessary if you want to grow your profile with a massive audience.
When you have a page or group with a big following on Facebook, then your credibility and identification matter because you can do various sponsorship posts and ads in your groups that require your real identity so that people can trust you.

How Do I Make Myself Anonymous On Facebook?

Create a new account if you want to make yourself private on Facebook or anonymous so that no one knows your real ID.
First, you need to make sure you have a new email address; then, you will be asked to sign up on Facebook, where you can enter your anonymous details, which no one knows. Then you can stay among the people you know anonymously.


Facebook’s multiple accounts have been in the limelight since Facebook announced its new feature about this. Sooner or later, you will officially get access to various accounts attached to your one personal account.

But for now, you have to use other techniques to make multiple accounts, either by using the IDs of someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account or by creating an unknown identity.

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