How Can I Log in to My Harmony Account?

You have joined the team of MyHarmony, but are you confused about how Can I Log in to MyHarmony Account? Well, you can learn to log in to your MyHarmony Account by reading this article till the end. You will find the solution to your problem. Let’s start already.

Method to Log in to MyHarmony Account

Logging in to your MyHarmony Account is as easy as any Social Media Account. You can use two ways to log in to your MyHarmony account. One is to log in with the email, and the other is to log in with your social logins such as Google, Facebook, etc. Follow the below steps accordingly. 

You may also wonder how to log into Hulu with my Shopify account. We have also given a process on this topic.

Stepwise Method To Log in to Your MyHarmony Account with your Email Address

Step 1- tap on the sign up with google

Firstly, tap on sign up with google on MyHarmony. Provide an exact email address that you use regularly. Provide all the authentic information about yourself, 

Firstly, tap on sign up with google on MyHarmony

Step 2- Tap on continue

Tap on continue. 

Tap on continue. 

Harmony will verify your social login account after recognizing it. 

Otherwise, you will be directed to sign in to your social login account that you want to use with MyHarmony. 

These are the two most straightforward ways to log in to your MyHarmony account. You can also download the app of MyHarmony on your iOS devices and use the same steps to log in. 


How can I find the MyHarmony Desktop Software after installing it on Mac?

Type the name of the software in the finder window from the dock and then click on the Applications option from the panel at your left. You will find the software among other installed apps on the right side of the panel. 

How can I unlock my MyHarmony account?

Tap on the option of Forgot password on the login page of MyHarmony, and then enter the email address to recover your account. The email should be similar to the one you added to your MyHarmony account. A new password will be sent to the email address, and you can reset your password. 

How can I connect MyHarmony account to a new phone?

Download the app of MyHarmony on the new phone and sign in to your account. Tap on your Harmony remote and then tap on devices. Add this phone to your Harmony Account by tapping “Add Device.” Enter the model number along with the manufacturer of your device. Now tap on the sync icon in the settings menu and sync your device. 

How can I reset my Harmony Hub?

If you are facing difficulties in joining Harmony Hub, then unplug the hub and hold the reset button and plug the hub back. Wait for 30 seconds as the red light will flicker, and the hub will get restored for you. 

Which Harmony remote do I use?

You use your original TV remote for Harmony. The TV remote supports the functions of Harmony. 

Summing Up

This article is your solution. We have provided you with two easy and suitable ways to log in to your account. You can choose any method that goes with your plan.

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