How Can I Manage My Pack in Tata Sky?

Tata Sky is one of India’s most popular DTH and cable TV operators. For a subscription fee, customers can create and manage a plan where they can select various channels to enjoy. In this guide, I’ll show you How Can I Manage My Pack in Tata Sky?

If you are wondering How Can I Manage My Pack in Tata Sky? This article will guide you on How Can I Manage My Pack in Tata Sky?

Different Ways To Manage Pack In Tata Sky

There are four ways you can modify your pack with Tata Sky:

Using the App on Android or iOS

If you are using a smartphone, you can easily manage and modify your pack using the mobile app. Ensure that you have the Tata Sky app installed on your phone. You can download it on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. To manage your pack:

If you are using a smartphone
This can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store
  1. Log in to your account. If you still don’t have an account, follow the registration process in the app first.
  2. Tap on the Search button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. On tapping, you can see your account balance and other details. Find My Tata Sky.
  4. Select Manage Packs. Another page will additional details about your subscription.
  5. Tap on Modify Packs.
  6. The next page will show you a list of the items in your current packs and a selection of channels or packages to which you can subscribe.
  7. Check the items that you want to include in your pack. 
  8. Uncheck the items you want to remove from your pack
  9. Tap on the (+) button for items that have dropdown lists.
  10. Once you are done, select the Confirm button. Your changes will reflect within 24 hours. 

Using the Official Website

In the absence of a smartphone, you also have the option to use the website to modify your Tata Sky pack. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the website.
visit the website to modify your Tata Sky pack.
  1. Select Go To My Account.
  2. Log in using your Tata Sky 
Login using your Tata Sky
  1. Subscriber ID or registered mobile number.
  2. Input the OTP that you receive on your registered mobile number.
  3. On the right side of your screen, find Your Pack. Click on this to modify your TataSky pack.
  4. The next screen will display your subscription details. Like the channels you are currently subscribed to, and channels available for subscribing. Each item will have a plus (+) sign at the end that will drop down upon clicking
  5. The first on the list shows your current subscriptions. You can uncheck channels on the list to remove them from your pack. 
  6. The bottom portion will show a list of channels and packages. You can check them to add them to your package.
  7. Once you are done, click the Select and Proceed button. 
  8. The succeeding screen will show your changes. Once you’re satisfied with your modifications, click Confirm.
  9. Wait for the confirmation message on your screen. After that, your changes will be activated within a few minutes.

Sending an SMS

Even without an internet connection, you can modify your pack using the messaging option. To modify using SMS:

  1. Open your messaging app.
Open your messaging app
  1. Assign the recipient to the number “56633.”
  1. Use this format to add channels to your pack:


Assign the recipient to the number 56633
  1. Use this format to remove channels from your pack:


Use this format to remove channels from your pack
  1. Make sure you use your registered mobile number to link the request to your TataSky account. After that, simply wait for the confirmation message.

Calling the Customer Care Number

A more straightforward method of modifying your Tata Sky package is to use the customer care number directly.

  1. Using your registered mobile number, dial and call 1800-208-6633.
Using your registered mobile number. Dial and call 1800-208-6633
  1. Wait till you connect/can talk to a customer care representative.
  2. Discuss the changes you want to make, such as adding or removing channels. The representative will then facilitate these modifications, and you must wait for the changes to reflect in your account.

FAQs On Managing My Pack in Tata Sky

 Can I change my Tata Sky pack daily?

You are technically allowed to do so as the service has removed the lock-in period. 

What is the minimum for Tata Sky?

The minimum recharge fee for TataSky is currently Rs 50.

How many channels does Tata Sky offer?

There are currently 652 available channels to subscribe to as add-ons to any basic pack.

Can I transfer the balance to Tata Sky?

 It’s not possible to do so. However, you can cancel anytime, and your pending balance will be refunded.

 Is the Tata Sky connection transferrable? 

If you plan to move to another address or city, you can bring your box with you as there are available relocation services. 

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