How Can I Recover My Locked Facebook Account?

Have you lost your Facebook account that was locked? Are you wondering How I Can Recover My Locked Facebook Account? We know how you can figure out your solution. Stay with us till the last step, and you will find an answer soon.

Follow this article if you wonder how to recover a permanently deleted Facebook account efficiently.

steps To Recover your Locked Facebook Account.

If you have intentionally or unintentionally lost your locked Facebook account, it is not the end of the world for you. There are still possibilities to recover your locked Facebook account. You can try the steps mentioned below and see if your problem gets resolved or not. Let’s start with the first step. 

Step 1- Open Facebook

If you have locked yourself from your Facebook account or lost it some other way, it does not indicate that you cannot use the Facebook app. Launch the Facebook app on your phone. 

Launch the Facebook app on your phone

Step 2- Tap on Forgot password

You can see the option of Forgot password beneath the log-in credential bars. Tap on that option.

Tap on forget password option.

Step 3- Enter Email

You must have provided an email address when you created your Facebook account. Provide the same email. Enter the email address that you used for your locked Facebook account below in the required field. 

Enter the email address that you used for your locked Facebook account

Step 5- Follow the Instructions

There will be some on-screen steps that you can follow to get back your locked Facebook account. Facebook can ask you for an alternate email address. An alternate email address is a different one that you put on your Facebook account for the safe side. 

Facebook can ask you for an alternate email address.

If you ever lose contact or connection to your Facebook account from your original email address, then you can use the alternate email address to reset the password. If you have added the alternate email to your Facebook account, you can reset your password. 

You can also try changing your Facebook password and adding a new password with the help of your email address. 


What happens if my Facebook account gets disabled?

If the Facebook team has disabled your account, you will receive a message stating that your account has been disabled for specific reasons.

Can I recover my old Facebook account?

You can recover your old Facebook account by going into the profile on Facebook that you want to recover. Tap on the option of more beneath your cover photo and find support. Then choose the option of something else, tap on recover this account, and press submit. Follow the steps accordingly.

How long is my Facebook account locked?

You have to wait for around a whole day after you have finished the security check. Do not log in to your account immediately; wait for at least 24 hours before logging in. You cannot access your Facebook account in the meantime, but your friends on Facebook can see it.

Why does Facebook not unlock my Facebook account?

Facebook does not lock the account of any user unless it senses the usage of bots and automated software in the profile. If you are frequently posting on your Facebook profile suddenly and sending many messages and friend requests to others, then your account can get locked.

What happens if someone uses a fake account on Facebook?

If you are using a fake Account with a fake name or pretending to be someone else, then Facebook will lock your account. 

Winding Up

This article has brought up some solutions for your assistance. You can now end your question about How I can recover My Locked Facebook Account by reading the steps mentioned above.

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