How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Account?

Facebook is an excellent social platform allowing users to connect and chat with friends. Some use it for businesses and to grow their popularity, especially celebrities. The thing with Facebook is that it can easily drain your time, and the more you use it, the more addictive it gets. Sometimes, you may find yourself deleting or deactivating the app. Well, here you will find the way to recover a permanently deleted Facebook account.

Facebook understands this, which is why it offers a grace period of 30 days after deleting your account. If you get second thoughts, you can recover your permanently deleted account within the grace period. The Facebook authority also provides the option to get back a disabled Facebook account.

Again, if you have deactivated the account, recovering it becomes easier than a deleted account. This guide covers everything you need to know and do to recover your permanently deleted account. We’ll discuss the differences between a deleted and deactivated account and how to recover each. Further, we will discuss users’ critical concerns regarding deleted Facebook accounts. Let’s get started!

How To Recover A Permanently Deleted Facebook Account

Are you sure you permanently deleted your Facebook account or deactivated it? Deactivating a Facebook account only makes it unreachable when searched. Besides, the process is easily reversible. In contrast, deleting your Facebook account is you telling Facebook to clear all your data and that you no longer wish to get associated with the platform.

Initially, Facebook had a two weeks grace period after which you couldn’t recover a permanently deleted Facebook account. However, currently, they give a 30 days grace period as they found it a habit that most people are searching for a means to recover their accounts. 

Here’s the deal if you recently deleted your Facebook account and are still within the grace period, then there is a way to recover the account. However, since you permanently deleted your account, 30 days have elapsed, then getting your account back is impossible, sadly.

Steps To Recover A Permanently Deleted Facebook Account.

  1. Start by ensuring you remember the email and password for the deleted account.
  2. Open a browser and go to Alternatively, open the Facebook app.
facebook login
  1. At the top right corner, fill in your email and password details.
  2. Click the login button on the right.
  3. Once your credentials are verified, a new page will open up with a prompt asking you to Cancel Deletion or Confirm Deletion of your Facebook account.
cancel facebook account deletion
  1. We aim to recover the account. Therefore, click the Cancel Deletion button.

Facebook will retrieve your account, and you should get back to using it within minutes. Note that this method only works if you recover the account within the 30 days grace period. If you are past the grace period, you are out of luck. 

Besides, in some cases, Facebook may require you to verify your identity before they recover your account. In such a case, provide them with your official details that match those used when creating the Facebook account.


Is a Deleted Facebook Account the Same as a Deactivated Facebook Account?

No, they are not the same. Deactivating your account means people can’t find you on search results, but you can still use your Facebook messenger to connect with your friends. Besides, the process is easily reversible. On the other hand, if you choose to delete your account permanently, Facebook gives you 30 days to revert the action. After that, you can’t recover your account, and you can’t use Messenger.

I Deleted My Facebook Account, and It’s Been 14 Days Now. Can I Recover It?

Yes, you can. The 14 days limit was the initial grace period after which you couldn’t recover your account. Luckily, Facebook extended the grace period to 30 days, which means that even if you are past 14 days, you still have room to recover your permanently deleted Facebook account. Take caution, though, not to wait until 30 days elapse then you attempt to recover your account. That won’t work!

How Can I Recover My Facebook Account After 90 Days?

You can’t. Facebook only allows recovering of accounts within 30 days after their deletion. On their side, the details of the deleted Facebook account remain on their backup server for 90 days. After that, all your data gets deleted. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can recover your Facebook account from their backup. Once the grace period f 30 days ends, that’s it. You are done with Facebook unless you create a new account.

What Happens When I Permanently Delete My Facebook Account?

First, Facebook will send you an email notification that you only have 30 days to revert the action. Your messages with other people on Facebook will remain, but you can’t access your Facebook Messenger. Moreover, any apps you’ve signed in with Facebook will lose access, and you must recover them using other means. 

I Deleted My Facebook Account. Can It Still Be Traced?

Some data will remain on the platform even after deleting your Facebook account. Besides, your friends can still access the messages you shared. To avoid someone tracing your deleted account, you should delete all the data before deleting your account. Otherwise, someone with your email and password can trace your Facebook account.


We understand when you can’t handle your Facebook account anymore and, sadly, end up deleting it permanently. The good news is that you have room to revert the action and recover your deleted Facebook account. We’ve covered all the steps to take to recover a permanently deleted Facebook account, provided you are within the grace period of 30 days. Hopefully, with this guide, you now know how to recover your deleted Facebook account.

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