How Can I Reset My Instacart Account?

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Instacart became the most widely used application in the United States for ordering goods from local stores. One of the features they added was same-day delivery, which put the app in high demand as people had to shop while at their homes. Instacart uses a website for ordering and making payments, and because of having too many applications on our phones, it is easy to forget your account password.

So, what happens when you forget the Instacart account password? Can you reset it? This article includes a detailed guide on How Can I Reset My Instacart Account.

Something like resetting your account password is easy when you know the steps. If you don’t know how to reset your Instacart account, read this post for detailed steps!

What are The Steps To Reset My Instacart Account?

Instacart knows its users are human, and humans are to error. In case of forgetting your account password and wish to set a new one, you can achieve that easily.

How Can I Reset My Instacart Account

Steps To Reset My InstaCart Account

Follow the guidelines on How Can I Reset My Instacart Account in the following section:

  1. Launch the Instacart website application on your device.
  2. Once the login page opens up, find the Forgot your password option and tap on it.
  3. You will see an option that requires you to reset it. Select the option.
  4. You must enter your email address associated with the Instacart account.
  5. Once you enter the email address, tap the Reset password button.
  6. Check the email address you entered, and confirm if Instacart has sent a message to your inbox. 
  7. Follow the instructions from Instacart on the email and complete resting your Instacart account.

You will easily reset your account after receiving the email from Instacart. If you wait for a while without seeing the Instacart email, we recommend you check the spam messages in your inbox. 

Moreover, if you want to reset your account because of an issue like a suspended account, you can do so once you contact the Instacart customer care team. The account suspension may result in suspicious activities on your account.

FAQs On Instacart Account

Can I Reset a Suspended Instacart Account?

Instacart is a famous shopping application that has made shopping easy and quick. When you forget your password and wish to reset your account password, the platform allows you to achieve your aim from your mobile phone. You only need to click on Forgot password, and Instacart will send you an email that will guide you in resetting the account password. In the case of account suspension, you need to contact the customer care team for guidance on resetting the Instacart suspended account.

How Do I Update My Instacart Account Information?

Instacart allows its clients to update their account information and make the ordering of goods easy. If you want to change any information regarding your Instacart account, you can achieve that via the website or mobile application. If you are using a mobile application, open the app, tap the three-line icon and click your account settings option. Select your account information, make the changes you wish to make, then save. Also, if using the website, the steps are almost the same.

How Can I Link My Instacart Accounts?

If you have more than one Instacart account, you can link them freely from the Instacart website or mobile app. You must access Instacart and select the Your account option from the menu. You will see a Link Accounts option indicated on the menu that opens; tap it. Instacart will prompt you to enter the other account’s username and password, and they will get linked.

How Do I Reapply for Another Instacart Account?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to reapply for an Instacart account once yours is deactivated. Before Instacart decides to deactivate your account, they suspend it first. When it reaches a point of deactivation, it indicates whatever violations were done with it resulted in the account’s closure. You will fight with it for a while, but Instacart will never allow you to deactivate it.

What Will Happen After Instacart Deactivates My Account?

Instacart deactivates other accounts when they violate the terms of the policy. Once it is deactivated, it means you have been banned permanently from using it again in the future. A deactivated account is associated with severe offenses, making it impossible to reactivate them. But, if you think your account was deactivated for minor reasons, you can contact the customer support care team of Instacart and appeal your case.


Instacart has made life easier and simple. Whenever you are, you can order from your favorite stores and get the delivery on the same day within the shortest time possible. Instacart has also ensured users can do most of the simple things from the website and mobile app.

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