How Can I Retrieve My Growtopia Password?

Having different passwords for various accounts is a good thing when you’re thinking about securing them. You may forget your password for Growtopia, a sandbox MMO gaming platform with virtually limitless opportunities for customization, world-building, and socializing with your peers. Suppose you need to retrieve your password. How would you go about it? We have the answers for you. This article will teach you how to retrieve your Growtopia password easily.

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Step by Step guide to retrieve growtopia password.

Here are the steps to retrieving your Growtopia passcode:

  1. On your desktop or Android smartphone, through any search engine, search for the Growtopia website and navigate to the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. Click on them.
Click on them
  1. On the dropdown menu, tap on Account Recovery.
On the dropdown menu, tap on Account Recovery
  1. A Player Support page will open, and on the top middle section of your display, click on Forgot GrowID password.
 click on Forgot GrowID password.
  1. You’ll see a notification requesting you fill in your details to allow you to reset your password. After entering your Growtopia data, open the email you used while registering to Growtopia and tap on the reset password link.
After entering your Growtopia data

On the dropdown menu, tap on Account Recovery


How can I change my Growtopia email address?

To update your email address, go to and click on email-change. After that, type the email ID you provided to create the Grow ID. Also, input your Grow ID.  Hit the Submit e – mail modification icon. You’ll see a message with a confirmation URL in the inbox of the email address you provided. Access the link and input your new email.

How can one obtain a Growtopia ID?

You will not have a Grow ID when you first join the realm of Growtopia. However, once you’ve landed in the game, select the Main Menu symbol on the upper right side of your display. Choose Get GrowID and provide your desired password, username, and a legitimate email. Finally, choose to Get My Grow ID.

How can you create a new Growtopia profile?

You should get and install the Growtopia game. Launch Growtopia, create a new game with any nickname, and explore the universe. Choose Get GrowID from the dropdown menu at the upper right. Fill up your information and create an account.

Why am I unable to set up a new Growtopia profile?

There’s a restriction on your IP address or device. To prevent spam, they may prohibit the two from registering accounts. You won’t register an account if you use a Proxy or VPN to access a restricted IP address. You can try again with a separate IP address or gadget.

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