How Can I Sign Out Of My Gmail Account From All Devices?

You can log in to one Gmail account on multiple devices as much as you want. You may have logged in to your Gmail account on your PC, laptop, or mobile. Read this article until the end to get the answer to your query: “How Can I Sign Out Of My Gmail Account From All Devices?

Sometimes you are at your friend’s house and forget your mobile phone at home. Now you must check your mail from your virtual office and log in to your Gmail account on your friend’s laptop. After leaving for home, you suddenly realize that you forget to log out from your Gmail account on your friend’s laptop. Now you are worried about the private things to reveal which you saved on that Gmail drive.

You might wonder how to sign out of my Gmail account from all devices. Don’t worry! This article will explain the quickest and simple steps to log out Gmail account from every device. So, let’s jump into the article to find out the secret way to sign out Gmail account from other devices.

What Is Gmail Account?

Gmail is one of the most usable email services worldwide without charges and unlimited account creation. You can create as many accounts as you want for email marketing or other purposes on Gmail. 

Gmail also provides free storage of up to 15 GB on every new account you make. You never have to pay for this storage because it’s free for everyone. However, you can buy their premium cloud storage plan if you need more storage.

Sometimes your smartphone or laptop gets lost or stolen. Your official Gmail account is logged in to those devices, and you don’t want to lose your account to someone suspicious.

How Can I Sign It Out of Gmail From All Devices?

You may find multiple ways to log out of your Gmail account from all the devices on which it is currently active. If you have already turned on the two-way authentication security feature, then it might not be a problem.

But if you didn’t activate the two-factor authentication, you need to worry about that. There are many ways to log out from a Gmail account but the most straightforward way I through a security feature.

Steps To Sign Out of Gmail Account From All Devices

The step-by-step guide below will explain the logout method without getting you in trouble.

This guide will teach you to log out of your Gmail account using a PC. You need to follow each step below carefully to avoid any inconvenience:

1. Open Gmail On Browser

How Can I Sign Out Of My Gmail Account From All Devices

Turn on your PC or laptop and open any browser on which your Gmail account is logged in. Open the mailbox of your Gmail account and then click on the profile logo given at the top right corner of the screen.

2. Click On Manage Google Account

Click On Manage Google Account

Now, choose the account you want to log out of after clicking on your profile logo. Do it only if you have multiple accounts logged in to your browser.

After that, click on the manage your google account button below your profile logo.

3. Click On Security

How Can I Sign Out Of My Gmail Account From All Devices

In the account settings menu, you will have a list of options on the left side of the screen. There you need to click on the security button, which is given at number four in the list. 

If you cannot find this button, you can simply search for it in the search bar at the top of the screen.

4. Click On Manage All Devices

How Can I Sign Out Of My Gmail Account From All Devices

When you open the security feature of Gmail, scroll down the screen. Stop there and click on manage all devices when you see your devices.

You also have the option to locate your lost device on which your Gmail account logged in. You simply need to click on the find a lost device button.

5. Check All Logged In Devices

Check All Logged In Devices

When you open all device options, you will see them and the login sessions. You will also know the login times and activities you do in this section. Scroll down to the bottom, where you will find the devices on which your Gmail account is active.

6. Select The Device

How Can I Sign Out Of My Gmail Account From All Devices

Now in the list of multiple devices, choose any device from which you want to log out. After clicking on that device, locate the sign-out option given at the bottom of the device name. Click on the sign-out button.

7. Confirm Sign Out

Confirm Sign Out

After clicking the sign-out button, a pop-up window will open with a confirmation message to sign out from that device. Click on log out to execute the procedure.

You can do this process on all devices. In the end, you will only be left with your current device from which you are doing this procedure. 

If you also want to log out from your current device, select the device and click on the sign-out button.

FAQs On Signing Out of Gmail

How Do I Sign Out of Gmail From All Devices Through Two Factor Authentication?

You need to follow each step below to sign out of Gmail through Two Factor authentication:
1. Open a Gmail account
2. Choose to manage my Gmail account by tapping on the profile logo
3. Open the security section
4. Tap on turn on two-factor authentication
5. Follow the procedure 
6. Choose to sign out from all other devices option

Does Changing Gmail Password Signed You Out From All Devices?

When you change your Gmail account password, you will automatically log out from all other devices. 
That is because the Gmail account was running on the base of an old password, and when you change it, Google automatically detects it and logs out of those devices.

Does Gmail Allow You To Sign in On Multiple Devices?

Yes, Gmail allows you to log in to multiple devices simultaneously. But if you have a two-way authentication factor activated on your Gmail account, then each device will require the authentication.

Can I Sign Out of My Gmail Account From All Devices One-By-One?

Yes, you can sign out of Your Gmail account from multiple devices. You need to open the account management settings and then the security feature. 
You need to locate the “your devices” option and open it there. All the devices will show up there, including sessions. You can unlock each device and click the sign-out button to log out separately.


The Gmail devices section may not be able to show you all device’s names sometimes. You may see different logging sessions on various browsers or operating systems. But don’t worry, you can remove them together without any hurdle if you follow the guide above in this article. 

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