How Can I Watch Deleted Youtube Videos?

YouTube is currently one of the most popular video platforms for viewers and creators. Everyone has been watching and uploading their videos on Youtube from all over the world. The platform has a collection of videos covering almost every subject. 

You might have saved videos on a playlist or have saved them in watch later, but later, you might have noticed that the video was deleted. We all might have been there wanting to watch the deleted videos. This article will take you through different methods through which you will be able to watch deleted Youtube videos.

Recover Deleted Youtube Videos from

The first and the most popular method to recover your deleted Youtube videos is through WayBackMachine from You can recover the video and download it to your device with the URL of the deleted Youtube video. WayBack Machine works by retrieving the internet database to find the deleted video. 

  1. Get the Deleted Video URL and paste it into Wayback Machine
Get the Deleted Video URL and paste it into Wayback Machine. 

2. If you find the video, you will be able to download it and access it.

3. After you have downloaded the video, you can freely watch them on any device.

Watch Youtube Videos using Data Recovery Software.

If you have lost the Youtube video saved on your computer, you can get the help of Data Recovery Software to find the deleted videos. The software will scan through the folders on your computer to retrieve the deleted files on your computer. You can recover your video if you lose the video due to a system crash, accidental deletion, or any other issues. 

  1. Download and Install Recoverit on your Windows.
  2. Open Recoverit and Open the location from you lost the video.
Open Recoverit and Open the location from you lose the video.

3. Start scanning the files on the Computer.

Start scanning the files on the Computer.

4. After scanning, you will see a list of recovered files on your computer, select the deleted video file and restore it.

Embed Technique

The embed technique is one of the simplest and easiest ways to watch deleted Youtube videos. This technique might sound too good to be true, but you will be able to retrieve the video saved from the internet database. If the video was attached to a webpage outside of Youtube, you could watch it.

If you are trying to watch a deleted Youtube video with a link:

You can change the link in the following way:

By changing the link to an embed link, you can access the Youtube video, as it will still be available in the database, making it visible to you in a browser. Since there are constant updates on Youtube, this method might be useless for the latest videos but will work perfectly fine for most videos.

Recover Deleted Youtube Videos without the URL

Google generally indexes the entire internet, and with the help of search operators, you can find the deleted Youtube video without the URL. But you still need to know the title of the video to be able to find the video on Google Search Operator. Although this method is relatively complicated compared to other methods, you can still try your luck with this method.

  1. Open your chrome and open Google Search. 
  2. In the search bar, type in “” and the title of the deleted video.
  3. You might be able to get the link to the video through Google Search. The video might also be available on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms that you someone has shared before.
In the search bar, type in “” and the title of the deleted video.

4. After you get the link to the video, follow Method 1 and download your video through

Additional FAQs

Does Youtube delete the videos permanently?

Yes, once you delete a video on youtube, you will not be able to recover the video through YouTube. Before you delete a video on YouTube, make sure to have a backup on your computer for when you might need it in the future. Once you press the delete button, Youtube will start the removal process, and the Youtube video will be permanently deleted.

Can anyone see my YouTube history?

Just like the history of any other browser or platform, Youtube history is entirely private. No one can see your Youtube history except yourself. You can track the videos you have watched through Youtube History. The only way other people can view your YouTube is through your account. If you have logged in to your Youtube account on their device or if you give access to your device, they can check your Youtube history.

Can I retrieve deleted watch history?

All your watch history will be deleted when you delete your Youtube history. In the history tab, you will have the option to pause and delete your watch history. After deleting the Youtube history, most of us might feel that retrieving our deleted watch history is impossible.If you delete your watch history, you can’t see it through the Youtube app, but you can still view it from the Google Activity. Under Personal Info & Privacy of your Google Account setting, go to “My Activity,” and see your Youtube watch history there.

Is there a YouTube archive?

For live streams, Youtube will automatically archive streams that are less than 12 hours. They also archive your streams that are in resolutions of 1440p and 2160p. But if the streams exceed 12 hours, they might not be captured. Youtube doesn’t have any archive for deleted videos except for live streams. You can unlist your video from Youtube and save it on your channel. Unlisted and private videos also work as archives, but Youtube doesn’t have an archive to save your deleted videos.

What happens when you private a video on YouTube?

When you private a video on Youtube, the video will be immediately removed from your Channel and even the search results. Your subscribers also will not be able to see the private video. Only the people you invite can view the video, and if you try to share it with uninvited people, they won’t be able to view it either.

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