How can you find out who is behind a fake Instagram account?

Nowadays, we can see a lot of fake accounts on Instagram. Maybe you would have got a strange message from a peculiar Instagram account. And you are extremely curious to know whether they are real or fake? Do you want to understand how you can find if an Instagram account is fake or real? Then in this article, you can find a few tricks/ways by which you can learn if an account is fake or real.

Methods to Find Out Who is Behind a Fake Instagram Account?

So in this article, you can find different ways to find out who is behind a fake Instagram account.

Let’s get started.

Method 1: Ask directly

Ask them directly. This is an easy method to follow because there is no barrier to this method. You can send a direct message to the account inbox asking for the identity of the account. You can send a message to the person asking him, “Who are you?“. But this method only works for some people. Since it is a fake account, the person behind the Instagram account won’t reply to you. If you have good communication skills, it will be easy for you to convince them to reveal their identity.

Method 2: Track IP address to Trace Fake Instagram Account

 IP address

You can track a person’s Instagram account origin by tracking their IP address. There are tools like the Grabify IP Logger website by which you can send a random URL to the person. After that, if the person clicks on that random URL, you send, then the IP address details get stored in Grabify.

Method 3: Check the about

On every Instagram page, we get an option to check their information. For that, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app

How can you find out who is behind a fake Instagram account

Download and launch the app on your phone and open it.

Step 2: Three dots

How can you find out who is behind a fake Instagram account

After opening the app, search and open the profile of whom you want to find the details. Click on the three dots icon on the top left corner of your screen. From there, you get a pop-up screen.

Step 3: About this account

About this account

After you click on the three dots, a new pop-up comes in, and you get a lot of options to choose from. From that, click on “about this account”

Step 4: View the information

View the information

Now you can see all the related information about that particular account. Please note that you can only view the information made public by the account holder.

Method 4: Use a third-party tool to Trace Fake Instagram Account

Sometimes finding the true face behind an Instagram account finds difficult. Different types of third-party tools are available on the internet for finding these kinds of information.

iStaunch is a third-party tool by which we can learn who is behind an Instagram account. You can find many more such third-party applications on the internet.

There is another website known as trendHERO. You can track Instagram accounts on this website and find the user’s name.

You can find different kinds of apps also for finding the details. There is an app known as Fake find, using which you can find if an Instagram Account is fake or real. 

FAQs on Tracing Fake Instagram Accounts

Is it possible to find someone’s email on Instagram?

Yes, it is possible to find someone’s email on Instagram if they have made it public. Go to their profile on Instagram, look for the email on their bio, and check if an email button is visible on their profile. 

How can I trace a fake account?

It depends on the account. There are different ways to find a fake account. Fake accounts usually spread false information and won’t have active followers. Observing such accounts lets you find if an account is fake or real.

Can police trace the origin of an Instagram account?

Yes, they can trace the origin of an Instagram after submitting a warrant to Instagram.

How can I hide my phone number on Instagram?

You can hide your contact information on your Instagram. Go to the edit profile option on your profile. From there, select the contact options menu. You can find a button to turn down your phone number and other contact information from your Instagram.

What is a Secret Instagram account?

It is a kind of secret account that can only be accessed if you know someone who has a secret account. You should know the URL of such an account.

Identify Fake Instagram Account 

By now, you would know how to find the person behind a fake account. Just follow the methods given above. A fake Instagram account can be easily identified by observing the profile itself. The fake account holders use the account to spread fake pieces of information. This kind of account will have fewer followers than followings.

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